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Not all skimo races are sub-2-hour, anaerobic affairs. Some are more like all-day slogs that, for all but the top randonneurs, resemble long high-elevation tours more than anything. The Trofeo Mezzalama is the last of the three Grand Course races, following four days in France for the Pierra Menta and a very long night-and-then-day in Switzerland for the Patrouille des Glacier, and with over 4,000 meters of climbing and descending in a single day, the Mezzalama may just be the toughest of the three. Fortunately, the discriminating racer-designers at Dynafit have optimized their Mezzalama race offering specifically for sufferfests in Europe and North America. Borrowing its dimensions and shaping from the podium-topping DNA 3.0, the Mezzalama also focuses on making those 4,000 meters of descending more fun, with a damp wood-core design that uses paulownia to add compliance for railing through refrozen chunder. The change in core construction relative to the DNA makes it a touch heavier while also increasing the ski's friendliness and durability alike. Look out, Grand Traversers, Teton peak enchainers, downhill-shredder skimo racers -- your ski has arrived.

  • Sibling to Dynafit's top-of-the-line DNA 3.0, the Mezzalama is easier to ski at an affordable price point.
  • Sidewall-cap construction brings touring-ski stiffness and durability to the race-ski market.
  • Paulownia Speed Core provides energetic kick-and-glide on the up and excellent damping on the down.
  • 23cm of tip rocker [162cm] means excellent flotation when "powder day" and "race day" intersect.
Lengths (cm) 153, 162
convert to ounces
725g [153]
805g [162]
Weight (pair) 1450g [153]
1610g [162]
Sidecut   93-64-78 [153]
94-64-79 [162]
Turn Radius   22m [153]
24m [162]
Skin Fix   Tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Full camber with moderate tip rocker
Shape   Single radius race shape with long running length
Construction   Mini sidewall
Core   Paulownia-wood Speed Core w/ fiberglass wrap
Skimo Co Says
Usage Citizen-series racing, going fast in the mountains
Notes Damper, downhill-oriented version of the DNA 3.0
Bottom Line Race-ski speed for all-speed skiers
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Kristen
I have a very old pair of Dynafit PDG’s (the black/blue ones), but I’m in the market for a new pair. I love Dynafit, but I’ll admit the turning radius on that PDG is a bit short, but otherwise, I do really like how they ski. How do these skis compare to the Dynafit PDG and/or what would be a comparable ski for racing, quick morning uphill laps that would pair nicely with the Dynafit PDG boot?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Kristen, I think the Mezzalama would be a great choice for you. Compared to the PDGs, these skis will be more damp, providing stability and a longer turn radius in a lightweight package!
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Question from Travis
Mezzalama vs. The Blacklight 74 — how much better will the Blacklight ski? I’m trying to understand how much I’m giving up on the down with a ski like the Mezzalama. Use would be rec races, on piste fitness touring, and maybe a volcano.
Answer from jbo
Hi Travis, the jump up from a race ski is noticeable, if just because you can get an appropriate length for your size! Most race skis are too short for men, but just optimized for uphill. I would recommend the Blacklight for volcanoes and fitness touring. You might not win a race on it but you won't be last either!
Answer from Patrick C

If you are looking for better downhill performance and the racing aspect is less of a focus the Blacklight 74 would be a great choice for fitness, volcano skiing and the occasional race as well! It will be more stable than a pure race ski and still come in at a low weight. Hope this helps!
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Question from Kerry
Is it a price point race ski, or is it really a better downhill performer compared to the DNA? When someone skis this, a comparison with both the DNA and the Ski Trab Aera Gara World Cup would be appreciated.
Answer from Jeff
Kerry, that is a good question, that requires a delicate answer. From the words of Dynafit, they both have a Paulownia core, with the DNA using the ' the best 10% of the wood'. The DNA uses 'extra light' carbon, I suppose a higher modulus fiber, than in the Mezzalama. All that adds up to about 80 gram heavier ski. So yes it is a better price point and those physical differences may make the down a bit better in some conditions.
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