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If you appreciate innovation and free speed, then pay close attention; the future is here. Dynafit’s partnership with Pierre Gignoux, a highly decorated French skimo racer and mad boot-scientist, has been fruitful. The DNA Pintec boot is a wonder to behold.

Pintec is a tech-system that enables crazy weights, super-fast transitions, and better responsiveness. Take the traditional Dynafit toe and heel system and flip it inside out: that’s the Pintec system. The toe of the boot features two spring-loaded cartridges, one on each side, that stick outward and slide into the recessed holes in the binding. The binding toe is incredibly simple with scarcely a moving part; just a solid block of aluminum. The heel uses a small ramp to force the heel piece open which then snaps shut for secure skiing while still allowing for lateral release.

The binding system is hogging the spotlight, but the DNA race boot remains one of the most advanced and highest performing boots on the market. Use it on small skis, use it on big skis, use it when the temperature plummets, use it for summer skiing, use it anywhere you please. Just promise not to kick too many rocks with the carbon fiber shell. The DNA Pintec boot is perfect for those of us that enjoy skiing more vertical feet per week than an average resort skier.

  • Bikini liner provides totally unrestricted walking capabilities.
  • Internal lacing system locks your heel down for control on the way up and down.
  • Full carbon shell is stiff, transmits power, and is light, light, light.
  • Palau race liner is heat moldable for decent comfort at minimal weight.
  • Includes Dynafit’s P49 binding, which is the only compatible binding with the DNA Pintec boot.
convert to ounces
536g [27]
Weight (pair) 1072g [27]
Buckles   Upper cord, ankle latch
Boot Sole Length   270mm [25]
280mm [26]
290mm [27]
300mm [28]
Binding Compatibility   P49 only
Cuff Rotation   75°
Forward Lean(s)   12° or 18°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Full carbon
Liner   Bikini
Sole   Race
Skimo Co Says
Usage Winning
Notes Hand-crafted in France
Bottom Line World class skimo kit
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Johnny
I have a PDG (the blue one, not the PDG 2) which fits me well. now I am looking for an upgrade, a race shoe. My feet width in the middle is 99 mm but the heel area is narrow. Which race shoe meets my requirements, Dynafit DNA by pierre g., Alien 4.0 or Stratos VI?
Thank you!
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Johnny,

Fill out our boot fitter form and we can get you some personalized recommendations!
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Question from Mike T

so the PG dna comes in half sizes like 27.0 and 27.5. Is the shell the same size from 27.0 and 27.5 and the only difference is the liner? Because there are no solelengths given for half sized sizes. Only for 27.0 = 280mm 28.0 = 290mm and so on.

But whta is the solelength for 27.5 ?
Answer from Jeff
Mike, PG does make a 26.5 and 27.5 shell. Not just a liner change. He does not print BSL on his boots, but the 27.5 should be 285mm. Our shop actually measures the boot and very carefully mounts these.
Answer from Jonathan S
The only true half size in any alpine skiing boot -- whether alpine downhill or alpine touring!
(Makes sense though, given that PG just has to shave down a wooden form a bit to create a half size, as opposed to manufacturing a new mold for a plastic boot.
And more of a need too for half sizes given the impossibility of individual mods for blowing out a small size.)
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Question from Jesse W
Looking at the questions above I'll try not to be redundant. I am shopping for my first race boot. Have been riding TLT7 for a couple seasons as a lighter training boot. They fit well but I had to have them blown out some to accommodate a 2E width Flintstone looking foot. These have been listed as pretty wide for a carbon boot but is there any ability for a boot fitter to work with this material to get me the extra space where I need it?
If I use it only for racing or minimal training days I could get away with it without adjustment....maybe. But last year I did a 24 hr 32k vert day and had to get the boots blown out a bit more leading into the effort otherwise I wouldn't have Made it.
Thanks for any help in this recommendation or in another boot like the Mezzalama or the PDG or something.
Answer from Cole P
Jesse, thanks for reaching out. The only person that I could imagine boot-fitting a carbon boot is Pierre Gignoux himself. For your width, I don't think the PG DNA will fit your feet, you will need a lower shell that can be worked on. The best option would be going with the Dynafit PDG 2 boot and going with a whole shell size up from your TLT7 and adding a Palau Tour Lite Pro liner in your TLT7 mondo size. If you would like further assistance with this feel free to email us at
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Question from steve
How well do these ski compared to Scarpa alien 1.1 or Dynafit TLT6?
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, while not as supportive as a TLT6 (which is over twice as heavy), it compares very well with the other carbon boots. Fit should be a bigger criteria with those since carbon can't be modified. These are significantly wider than the Alien 3.0, for example. Ski performance is not far off the Alien 1.1, though they aren't as durable against rock impact when scrambling as is typical for carbon vs plastic. They of course walk even better.
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Question from Eric Carter
Hey guys - any idea if the bsl on this is the same as the current year’s DNA? (Which is slightly shorter than the DNA with the ratchet strap from last year)

Trying to figure out what my bsl is... size 29

Answer from jbo
Hi Eric! Sadly, we haven't yet received ours, but we don't know of any major changes to sizing. There is just the usual variability of handmade boots.
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Question from Aaron O
How wide is this boot in the forefoot? I have heard that this is one of the higher volume carbon boots out there but have not had a chance to put them on. Is this guy consistent with the other PG boots?
Answer from Nate
Hi Aaron, since this boot hasn't landed I can only work off of what we have been told so far. It's based off the previous PG designs and we expect it to fit the same as the other PG designed boots, which are the widest carbon boots out there. The volume of the these boots is a little larger over the instep than many other carbon boots but is still relatively low in volume.
Answer from CASPER C
I can answer on the foot fit here:
I have used this boot a few times and have realized that the forefoot width in the toe box is somewhat wider than in the previous PG from 2018. The midfoot is also quite wide as well. The forefoot volume is very low. It feels snug and means that my forefoot does not move around very much. Generally, these boots feel like a snug slipper that was made to fit my foot.
For reference, the previous 2018 PG was slightly narrow on my foot.
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Question from steve
What is the 28 in US sizes?
Answer from Nate
Hi Steve, it roughly translates to a US size 10 men's shoe. Mondopoint sizing, which ski boots use, is essentially based off the length of the foot in centimeters. For a more accurate picture of what size you would want, I strongly suggest that you measure both of your feet in centimeters and choose the size that most closely correlates.
Answer from CASPER C
I asked PG, and they requested that I measure my feet in milimeters. They suggested a size to me, and that size fit perfectly. I am not promising a perfect fit for anyone who does this process. I am only impressed that my foot seemed to be able to fit into a slightly smaller mondopoint sizing in this boot than in other boots.
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Model: DNA Pintec Boot

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