Skimo Co


Height:5' 11"
Weight:170 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year


Bloody Couloir

1758 ft line
My Skiing

Survival skiing interrupted by the occasional powder turn

My Gear

-180 Atomic Backland 100 w/ Dynafit Super-Radical
-178 Blizzard Zero G 95 w/ Ski Trab Titan Vario
-171 Black Diamond Cirque 84 w/ BD Helio 145

Scarpa Alien RS, 27.0

Recent Posts

Will you be getting more of the steel speed radical (or speed turn) toe pieces in at some point? I realize that the aluminum version is probably just as good, but it doesn't come with screws.. :(
Having skied on the Cirque 84's for nearly a season and a half, I have been very impressed. The two previous skis that BD has made that would compare to this ski (Helio 88 and Helio 76) were mediocre at best. Most of all, the 76 and 88 were both way too heavy for their respective sizes. Not so with the Cirque 84. This ski feels really damp and stable for its size and weight, and in my experience their durability has been average if not better than average. Downhill performance is impressive too, as I usua...
Is it possible to obtain replacement cuff straps for the F1? I am talking about the thicker, permanently attached strap that threads through the cuff buckle. Mine are worn to a point where the velcro will not withstand the tension of tightening/closing the cuff buckle. I see F1 Power straps listed, but I am assuming that these are the upper, thin straps that I removed.
To be completely honest, I was initially drawn to these poles because of all the hype that seems to surround them. In broken French that I asked Alain if he would send some to me in the states por favor, but unfortunately I found no success. Fast forward a couple yers and I see them pop up at my favorite ski shop, I just had to! But seriously these poles are really ergonomic and reasonably light (they seem quite durable as well). Shout out to for always bringing in the coolest niche-y ski gear. Get...
I purchased 360 cm of these skins to build some race style skins for my Zero G 95's. So far I have been very impressed with their glide and ease of removal as compared to my old Black Diamond Glidelite skins. Traction seems to be about the same as my old skins, if not slightly better. Hopefully these will be at least as durable as other mohair mix skins on the market, but time will tell. I did notice that when I trimmed them there was significantly less fraying and loss of "fur" on the edges of the skin. I ...

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