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Dynafit SL 80

Brand: Dynafit
Model: SL 80
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The days of mounting your old bindings on your kid’s old resort skis are a thing of the past. Maybe you convinced them to go touring with you on a setup that weighs 1/3 of their body weight, and maybe they even pretended to enjoy it. But now, thanks to the Dynafit SL 80, your kids have access to a proper backcountry ski that checks all the boxes: light, durable, fun, inexpensive, and offered in appropriate lengths. The micro sidewall that runs the length of the ski is good for durability, but it plays an even larger role in reducing chatter while simultaneously increasing grip. The tip notch makes sure that your groms learn to rip skins the proper way from the beginning while also protecting the core from head-on impacts. A generous amount of tip rocker paired with the perfect waist width ensure a fine balance between climbing confidence and descending prowess. Just as capable in the resort as in the backcountry, the Dynafit SL 80 is a confidence inspiring ripper that’s ready for anything.

  • Enough length options to get the perfect size or leave a little bit of space to grow into.
  • Tip notch allows for easy transitions in the backcountry, resort, or Tuesday night race.
  • Tip rocker, tail rocker, and a manageable flex.
  • Pairs perfectly with the ST Rotation 7.
Lengths (cm) 129, 139, 149, 158
-> ounces
855g [129]
980g [139]
1050g [149]
1150g [158]
Weight (pair) 1710g [129]
1960g [139]
2100g [149]
2300g [158]
Dimensions 107-78-93 [129]
111-80-97 [139]
113-82-101 [149]
114-83-102 [158]
Turn Radius 14.5m [129]
15.5m [139]
16.5m [149]
17.5m [158]
Skin Fix Dynafit 3D Tip Speedskin
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Tip rocker, gentle camber, and supportive tail that turns up a bit
Shape Tapered tip and square tail
Construction Ash poplar core with carbon glass fiber reinforcement
Core Ash Poplar Air Flex Core
Skimo Co Says
Usage On-piste touring and general backcountry
Notes Tip rip for kids!
Bottom Line The most advanced touring ski available in shorter lengths.
Question from Katie M
So I know these skis dont apply to this question, but I cant find the Womens Tour 88 on here so this is where I have landed. I am looking into buy a pure approach ski for super long approaches at altitude. Am I crazy for thinking that the Womens tour 88 would be perfect? I am toying with the idea of trying to put silvrettas on them and be able to ski in my mountaineering/ice climbing boots, (Please dont gasp at this idea like everyone else). If you think this is crazy please suggest something else, or just send some advice! Thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi Katie, you definitely are not crazy. Colin Haley has been doing exactly what you propose for several years (along with other alpinists). My suggestion, if you are using them exclusively for approaches, would be to use a skimo race ski instead of a touring ski or kid's ski as you'll save substantial amounts of weight.

Feel free to email us at help@skimo.co and we will be happy to continue the discussion and dial in your approach setup.
Answer from clarkboulder
Is it crazy to consider this ski in 158cm for my wife who is 5'4" and 112lbs? With a speed turn binding and Scarpa Alien boots? Will this ski just be too flimsy for her? I'd imagine not but not sure. Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, people seem to think they are crazy on this page! Don't worry, you're not. I got a pair for my wife of similar size :)
Answer from clarkboulder
Thanks! Oops I put my Q as an answer to Katie's Q. Oh well.
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