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Dynafit Seven Summits Youngstar Ski Set


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If you thought getting snow pants on your kid was tough, try buying them a full touring kit! Don't worry, we've got you covered like a one-piece snowsuit. Dynafit has taken the next step (or stride) towards making the buying process of ski packages as simple as possible. Skis, premounted bindings, and skins all in one place and ready to go for your miniature mountaineer. If it's time to upgrade from the Contour Kids Touring Set to their first tech setup, there is no easier, or more economical way to go. The Seven Summits Youngstar skis have a full sidewall construction with a Poplar wood core, not like a typical kid's alpine ski that is often made with a foam injected cap construction. The Rotation 7 is a durable, safe, and simple binding that goes down to a 2.5 release value to help accommodate the size of any up-and-coming ripper. Each length from 120cm-160cm has its own sidecut and rocker design so each length has consistent characteristics. The Dynafit Seven Summits Youngstar ski set will work for a 5, 15, or even a 50-year-old of smaller stature, someone that we just consider to be a kid at heart.

Seven Summits Youngstar Ski

  • 5 Lengths to cover a wide range of ages and skier sizes.
  • Full sidewall wood construction skis for high quality skiability.
  • Single radius shaping gives each ski length the same characteristics.

Seven Summits+ Skin

  • Pre-cut to match skis out of the box.
  • Mixed plush (70% mohair, 30% nylon) maximizes glide and durability.
  • Speedskin system utilizes a rubber tip and metal tail hook for ease of use.

Rotation 7 Binding

  • Release value as low as 2.5 allows for lighter skiers to safely enjoy the backcountry.
  • Two riser heights plus flat mode increase efficiency on the climb.
  • Adjustable binding accommodates a range of boot sizes.
Length Sole Length
120cm 253-303mm
130cm 253-303mm
140cm 263-313mm
150cm 273-323mm
160cm 273-323mm

Lengths (cm) 120, 130, 140, 150, 160
convert to ounces
824g [120]
977g [130]
1094g [140]
1247g [150]
1363g [160]
Weight (pair) 1648g [120]
1954g [130]
2188g [140]
2494g [150]
2726g [160]
Dimensions 106-77-91 [120]
108-78-93 [130]
111-79-96 [140]
113-80-98 [150]
115-81-101 [160]
Turn Radius 11.5m [120]
12.5m [130]
13m [140]
14m [150]
15m [160]
Skin Fix Round tip, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Easy to turn, single radius with tip and tail rocker
Construction Ash/poplar core with full sidewall
Skimo Co Says
Usage Getting young ones out in the backcountry, or on-piste touring
Notes Add 600g to spec weight to account for mounted Rotation 7 bindings.
Bottom Line Finally a simple, ready to ski AT package; just add boots.
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Matt
Can the 150cm ski be mounted to handle a 257mm TLT6 boot?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Matt,

Yes the Dynafit Seven Summits Youngstar Ski Set can be remounted to accommodate that BSL! Shoot us an email at help@skimo.co, and we can discuss in more detail.
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Vladimir Doronin (used product regularly)
Good equipment. My 8 y.o. son got this tested on Mt. Rainier, he really enjoyed using it! We used it on fresh powder in a winter storm. The only thing to look for improvement - ease of switching between skiing/climbing modes could be better. Good equipment. Mount Rainier National Park. Mount Rainier National Park.
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Question from Laura
I love that there are small sizes for this ski -- and the bindings! That said, can the kids use a regular old boot? Because finding a 19.5 or 20.5 AT boot isn't an easy request for kids. Or, is there a way to modify an old boot?
Answer from Julieana
Hi Laura, you can't use a regular alpine boot with this setup as the bindings are the Dynafit Rotation 7s, which are a full tech binding. CAST touring can convert alpine boots to be tech binding compatible. You can find a link to their boot conversion page here. I know they can add tech toes but I am unsure if they can also add tech heels.
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Question from Tjaard B
I assume the weights Listed are for skis and bindings, or do they include the skins too?
If so, what is the weight for the ski itself (or ski and binding, as the binding weight is well known)
Answer from Jeff
Tjaard, That is with skins too! But, those are advertised weights, we will weight and adjust when we get them in stock this Fall. This is a new ski, subtracting the weight of the current SL 80, and Rotation 7, looks like it may be a bit heavier than the SL 80. The proof will be in our measurements.
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