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For a perfect match to Fischer’s line of impressive backcountry skis, use the also-impressive precut skins. The skins are 65% mohair and 35% nylon, hitting that sweet spot in terms of grip vs. glide. Fischer uses a modified version of the K2 clip system to attach pre-trimmed skins to the base of their skis. There are stepped holes in the tips of models such as the Hannibal, making it simple to affix the skins and allowing for weight savings by tapering to a “V” shape near the tip. The Fischer Precut skins are the simplest way to the top with Fischer skis.

  • Fischer Hook system is a prong that slides into a hole in the tips of the skis.
  • K-Clip tail rides on an adjustable elastic strap to offer a secure hold.
  • Smart glue makes for easy peeling of the skin from itself or your ski.
  • Comes in matching lengths and Fischer yellow.
  • No assembly required.

Update 2021/22: Fischer switched to Kohla's smart glue formula like everyone else.

Update 2023/24: The precut skins changed color to better match the new Transalp CTI skis.

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Questions & Reviews

Tom F (used product regularly)
I have the 185cm 106 pre-cut skins.

The Z-clip is a nice feature, but sometimes gets stuck when trying to rip skins off. The glide does seem to be a bit worse than some other hybrid options, but I'm told it gets better with use - perhaps I'm experiencing that or maybe it's placebo. Otherwise, these seem quite light and the glue is easy to work with.
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Question from Becky
I bought some 22-23 Hannibal 96 169 length this week but can’t find skins in that length anywhere. Could I possibly buy the next size up or down and have it work? And if so which is the better option? Thanks
Answer from Emmett I

I'd go with a trim to fit option. You could go with a longer skin and cut and reattach the tail if needed, but the sidecut of the skin will be off a bit. Overall easier to just trim one to the sidecut.
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Question from Greg
How is the glide on these Fischer (Kohla) pre-cut skins compared to the Pomoca Pro S-Glide? Thank you!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Greg,

Reports have been that these might not be as glide-y as the Pomoca S-Glide out of the box, but they do break in and get faster with some use. The S-Glides are more slippery out of the box due to their glide treatment. After break-in, they should be pretty comparable.
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Question from Joe
Will these be an exact fit for a 2018 Fisher Hannibal 96, 183 length?
Have the dimensions of this ski changed over the past 5 years?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joe, yes these will fit perfectly. It's only been cosmetic changes.
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Question from Tyler Novak
Good Morning, I have a pair of Stockli Storm riders at 158cm 136/100/123 and would like to put the Fischer Multifit 130mm skins on them but unsure what length to get looks like they have a 150 option or a 159. Thanks
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Tyler, I can't say for sure as we don't stock the Multifit skins. For a 158 ski, though, the 159 sounds right. If you're right on a size boundary, sizing up is a safe bet. You might end up with a little extra tail strap, but that can be a convenient handle when you're ripping skins.
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Question from Joy
Are these trim-able? I have the Transalp 88/163 and i cannot find the matching Fischer skins anywhere. I’d like to be able to use the Fischer tip clip system if these can be trimmed.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Joy,

These skins can certainly be trimmed. If trimming for width, consider getting an off set trimming tool to make life easy. The G3 Trim Tool is a staple for a lot of folks. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Zesheng He
Does this precut skins fit for hannibal 96 2019 model? Thanks
Answer from Teddy Young
While we don't have that model year in stock to test it out, I believe these skins should work for you!
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Question from Etienne B
Are 185cm skins fit on Hannibal 183cm skis?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Etienne, thanks for reaching out! I believe those skins should work well for you if you have a previous model Hannibal 106 at a slightly different length! However, if you have a Hannibal 96, those skins likely will not work.
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Question from Brian
I just ordered the Hannibal 96 ski in 169 length. Will you be getting the precut skins in this length soon?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Brian, we should have some more coming but if you could email we could also set you up with an email notification.
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Question from Eduardo
Will these work with 2017 Hannibal 94 in 170?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question! These are meant for the Hannibal 96 which has a different sidecut than the Hannibal 94. As such, using a trim to fit skin would be the best option! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!
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Question from Griffin Devine
Do these fit the 2019 My Transalp 90 in 162? I noticed the sidecut is a bit different between men and women's.
Answer from TSB
Hey Griffin, the dimensions of the men's and women's TransAlp appear to be identical at the 162cm length, so you should be good to go with the 162cm precuts!
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Question from Christopher R
I've got a pair of these skins, and they are in need of a reglue. Any recommendations on a particular glue to use? Would the BD glue work fine on these?
Answer from TSB
Hi Christopher, yes, the Black Diamond Gold Label Adhesive would work great for this application. Check out a re-gluing tutorial from one of our friends at Skimo Life.
If your skins need a reglue that must mean you've been getting out and skiing quite a bit -- cheers!
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Question from Heather
Hi, I have the Hannibal 96 in a 169. Will this skin be cut to fit the shape of this ski?
Answer from jbo
Hi Heather, yes the 169 Hannibal skin will work out of the box.
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Question from Rob
In your honest opinion would you recommend the Fischer precut skin for the transalp 88 ski or would you recommend a universal skin like a Black diamond or pomoca?
Answer from jbo
Hi Rob, the Fischer skins are made by Kohla, who also makes skins for Hagan, Volkl, and recently La Sportiva. I have a similar well-used pair on some Cirrus skis that have performed admirably. Glue is a bit too sticky out of the box but is fine after a few uses (or just touch it with snow). Fur is also comparable to the universals, which Kohla makes as well, just not widely distributed here. Tip notch is sleek, though harder to remove in one pull with your skis on than some other styles. I'd probably get these, if just to save the trimming time and ensure a perfect edge.
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