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Fischer Precut Skins

Brand: Fischer
Availability: Discontinued

For a perfect match to Fischer’s new line of impressive backcountry skis, use the also-new line of skins. The skins are 65% mohair and 35% nylon, hitting that sweet spot in terms of grip vs. glide. Fischer uses a modified version of the K2 clip system to attach pre-trimmed skins to the base of their skis. There are stepped holes in the tips of models such as the Transalp 88, making it simple to affix the skins and allowing for weight savings by using a tapered “V” shape. The simplest way to the top with Fischer skis.

  • Fischer Hook system is a prong that slides into a hole in the tips of the skis.
  • I-Clip tail hook is a simple adjustable clasp that offers a secure hold.
  • Sticky glue reduces the chance of skin flop during a long climb.
  • Comes in matching lengths and Fischer yellow.
Question from Rob
In your honest opinion would you recommend the Fischer precut skin for the transalp 88 ski or would you recommend a universal skin like a Black diamond or pomoca?
Answer from jbo
Hi Rob, the Fischer skins are made by Kohla, who also makes skins for Hagan, Volkl, and recently La Sportiva. I have a similar well-used pair on some Cirrus skis that have performed admirably. Glue is a bit too sticky out of the box but is fine after a few uses (or just touch it with snow). Fur is also comparable to the universals, which Kohla makes as well, just not widely distributed here. Tip notch is sleek, though harder to remove in one pull with your skis on than some other styles. I'd probably get these, if just to save the trimming time and ensure a perfect edge.
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