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As the big brother of the Ultralight pack, the 30-liter version allows you to carry technical gear and a few more candy bars. The Light Removable Airbag 3.0 offers the same safety features since it’s also equipped with Mammut’s third iteration RAS. The bigger pack is still light by itself, but it’s built with an aluminum frame to better handle a bigger load. That is important when you need to carry a rope, harness, and protection. It has a separate front pocket for avalanche rescue gear and is capable of carrying skis or a snowboard. The ice axe holder can also secure poles and is stowable when not in use. Gear loops on the hip belt and an integrated hip pocket let you keep important items handy. But most importantly, you’re getting the proven benefits of a reliable airbag pack when skiing big lines. The Mammut Light Removable Airbag 3.0 is all the pack you need for adventurous missions into avalanche terrain.

  • RAS 3.0 is a dependable compressed air safety system that can keep you on top.
  • Gear loop on hip belt can store technical gear like ice screws and quick draws.
  • Stowable axe-pole carrier holds one or the other while climbing or rappelling.
  • Airbag deployment handle is height-adjustable and has an easy-to-pull “T” handle.
  • Diagonal ski carry system can be used or tucked away in favor of snowboard kit.
  • Side-compression straps keep the load in place and suck up volume if necessary.
  • Airbag system can be removed to lighten you load when things firm up in spring.
  • Hip-belt pocket lets you store important items in front for quick access on the move.
  • Hydration-compatible design has internal supports and an exit port for a suck straw.
  • Dependable air cartridges can be refilled or replaced quickly while on a long trip.
  • Back is thermoformed to be comfortable and last through many seasons of love.
  • Avy shovel handle, blade, and probe can be stored in a separate front pocket.

Please note cartridges are sold separately.

convert to ounces
2414g [pack with airbag and full canister]
1070g [pack without airbag or canister]
Volume 30L
Access Top
Hydration Compatible
Ski Carry Diagonal
Gear Loops 1
Helmet Attachment No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   100D Nylon Cordura® Dobby Ripstop
Skimo Co Says
Usage Longer, technical, safer ski missions
Notes Gear loops on hip belt for protection
Bottom Line A 30L version of the ultralight
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Adam
I’m on the shorter side ~5’4”. Does this bag tend to fit shorter folks? Thanks!
Answer from Ian C
Hey Adam, I would say this bag fits most users from around your height to a little over 6 feet, depending on torso length!
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Benski (used product regularly)
One of my favorite airbags I’ve used, since it’s light enough I actually wear it. The RAS system has been around a while and is pretty easy to get filled, which makes it easier for travel.
Big enough to fit a long days worth of gear, and maybe even a hut night or two if you pack more efficiently than me.

My one gripe is one of the ways the “light” is achieved is through lighter fabrics, which have some scuffs from trees. I wish there was a bit burlier fabric.
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WasatchMcQuack (downright abused product)
Used this pack for 3 winters and really liked it over the years of Float packs that I've had previously. It is stupid light!, yet plenty durable. All the pockets are in the right places and has stow mechanisms for everything alpine. Easy to use trigger and the airbag is easy to reset. Lots of places to get the canister refilled at low cost. It's nice to be able to remove the engine and airbag for spring missions where burial is not the concern. Straps are all easy to use and fit in just the right places. I highly recommend this for anyone considering an air-canister pack.
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Question from Michael M

Is there any way to order or purchase a replacement sternum strap for this bag? The plastic clip that attaches to the rail on the shoulders straps broke (from the female end). I could try to rig something but I don't want to strap anything too tight around the shoulder strap because the trigger is in there. Does Mammut sell replacements? Thanks.
Answer from Patrick C

If you can send a picture of the broken part to we can look into getting one for you!
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Question from justin
Hi, I'm curious about your listed weight of 2450 with the cartridge. Mammut lists the pack without the cartridge at 2060 g, and the cartridge (at least the ones available in the US) are 600+ grams, correct???
Answer from eric
Justin- Our listed weights are from our digital scales in house. Not from the manufacturer.
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Question from Robert
Hi, I´m wondering about the size and the back length of the pack. How is it measured and how should I measure mine to compare whether it could be too big for my torso? Thanks, Robert
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Robert! How tall are you? We've seen this pack fit a huge variety of people as far as sizing goes. I am about 5' 8"ish or so and it fits me, but we've seen it fit people well beyond 6' without issue.
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Question from Michael
It seems Mammut sells a helmet harness that can be attached to the outside of their packs. Is this available for purchase through you? Thanks.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Michael, thanks for reaching out. We didn't order any, however Mammut should be getting some within a few weeks so we could potentially do a special order for you! Let me know!
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Question from Michael M
Are the listed weights (specifically the 2450 g with airbag) including the cartridge or not? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, that weight includes the cartridge.
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Question from Derek
This has the cartridge and airbag included?
Answer from jbo
Hi Derek, if you select the Airbag 3.0 option, it will come with the airbag. The cartridges are sold separately, here.
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Model: Light Removable Airbag 3.0

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