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True to their fashion, Marker is entering a new market (tech-bindings) with great fanfare. The Alpinist binding is focused on weight, ski-ability, and a user-friendly nature that is robust and foolproof. The heel piece sits flush against the heel of your boot and uses a spring-loaded track to keep the release dialed regardless of the flex of a ski throughout a turn or hard landing. This is analogous to forward-pressure in an alpine setting but adapted to a race-weight tech binding (a first). The Alpinist 9 is an impressive offering in terms of downhill performance, weight, price, and uphill-capability. It’s backed by a German name (Marker) that is synonymous with ski bindings, so you know its a good one.

  • Strategically placed anti-icing pads under toe and heel promote consistent performance no matter the temperature, humidity, or water content.
  • Generous 15mm of boot sole adjustment allows enough freedom to accurately mount for multiple boots.
  • Gapless heel piece offers 4mm of Dynamic Length Compensation for improved ski rebound and release-value consistency.
  • Adjustable lateral release values from 4-9 and swappable vertical U-Spring helps dial-in retention and release.
  • Use the heel flap for a low riser-height or spin the heel-piece 180° for increased lift.
  • Flat-on-ski mode is also available for those long, flat approaches.
  • Removable brakes come in 90mm, 105mm, and 115mm widths.
  • Integrated crampon receptor accepts Marker ski crampons.
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Weight (pair) 532g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   Optional 90mm, 105mm, 115mm
BSL Adjustment   15mm
Riser Heights   2 + Flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   4-9
Crampon Ready   Kingpin and Alpinist crampons
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Forged aluminium, carbon, fiber-reinforced polyamide
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Integrated rubber pads simplify the step-in
Bottom Line Lightweight adjustable touring binding
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Questions & Reviews

Michael T (used product regularly)
Pretty good, not great. I overall like the bindings, but they're just a little fiddly. They ski really well, are pretty dang light, and I haven't had any durability issues. The heel towers are a bit hard to rotate (can't figure out how to do it with a pole) and the risers are a bit lower than I'd prefer for the Red Bull-fueled teenage Skimo racer skin tracks that apparently are all the rage in the Wasatch but I would buy them again.
Reply from jbo
Oh Michael, in the Wasatch, we train our teen racers to put in more efficient shallow tracks!
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Question from Niko
Hi guys, do you see these as being able to be swapped back and forth with a pair of kingpins using mostly the same holes/inserts? My partner has Kingpins, but is looking for a lighter pair of bindings for longer days, while still having the option to have more release safety on others.
Answer from eric
Niko- The kingpin and alpinist use the the same toe holes. There is 2 holes of the heel that overlap but the heel mounting position will be way off for one of the 2 bindings. So heel will probably not work in sharing holes. But there is a enough room that you should be able to put inserts for both heel pieces.
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Eric L (used product regularly)
I bought these in January 2020. After one season, the heel riser became loose and wouldn't stay in place. Skimo arranged a Marker warranty submission to remedy the problem. Not wanting to send them back mid ski season, I jerry rigged them to be functional. I am perfectly satisfied with the binding; I think there is a design flaw in the heel riser (at least on my 2019/2020 set). Also if you like a high riser, these may not be for you. The highest position is only medium in my opinion. Bottom line: with all the bindings out there now, I think you can do better.
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Question from Anthony
Do these come with leashes included?
Answer from Cole P
Hello Anthony, the Marker Alpinist 8, 9, and 12 bindings do not come with leashes.
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Question from Alex
A great binding overall. My heel risers are getting loose, however. Any suggestions on remedying this? Seems they're held by a rivet that can't easily be adjusted.
Answer from Will
Hey Alex,

Thanks for the question! Shoot us an email to and we'll see if we can remedy this!
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Question from Steven Markusen
Are the brakes the same for Alpinist 9 and 12? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Steven, yes they are the same!
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Question from Russell Scott
Does the Alpinist have an attachment point/ cable for a leash? If not, where do you suggest?
Answer from Jeffrey
Russell, There is not a good point. You can see a hole just below the toe lever pivot point. You can thread a wire through and crimp it to create a loop.
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Question from Curt Moore
I bought a pair of the Alpinist 12 Marker ski bindings because they're on a long track that allows a couple of pairs of boots to fit in them. My problem is that the spring that is on the alpinist 12 has a very high vertical release value. I understand that it tests out at about 11 on the vertical release scale. My DIN is supposed to be around 8 and I ski conservatively in the backcountry. I just read on your comments about that binding that the medium spring which is on the alpinist 9 test out at 9 or higher. I think I might need the lighter spring but I don't want to be blowing out of it if it only tests around 5 or 6. I definitely don't want to be skiing in the backcountry with the 11 DIN vertical release. I will probably want to talk to someone and get the lighter spring.
Answer from TSB
Hey Curt! Fortunately the Alpinist has a swappable U-spring that controls vertical release, so we could hopefully swap out your 12 spring for a 9. Give us a ring or reach out by email,!
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Curly (used product regularly)
This binding has pleasantly surprised me so far. The price to weight to function ratio is perhaps unmatched. I had the MTN bindings but the heel riser came loose and got quite floppy so I switched to these. So far they certainly ski better because the release mechanism is a ball and detent so as you ski there is ZERO side to side play at the heel. This is a big deal for me and translates to much more confidence in the binding. For shorter laps, I use the heel riser flipped over the pins and they function just like a race binding and for longer sections, I spin the heel 180 and have the option of flat or high risers. I don't miss having all three risers available at once very much. Honestly, people need to spend less time fussing with risers and just keep skinning. I don't think choosing the perfect riser has ever saved anyone time. I have about 10 days on these bindings and so far nothing but positive impressions, however, there is a LOT of plastic in these bindings and I am curious to see how this will hold up as I get more toward the 100-day mark.
Reply from dub_xion
Hi Curly, any long-term follow-up on these? Curious as I haven't heard much bad about them with failures, etc. Thanks!
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Comment from Steve
I have been impressed with this binding. They have a nice, almost flat ramp angle. They seem over all damp.. No metal clacking during skinning and feel good skiing. Very detailed quality construction. Turning them is a bit of a pain but I find I just use flat or the high level and don't need to mess w/ it.
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Question from Aaron Parmet
What is the approximate RV of the "medium" and "hard" u-springs for the marker alpinist? I've heard everything from 7.5 to 8 to 9.... and everything from 10 to 10.5 to 12 for "hard"?
Answer from Teddy Young
We haven't received our shipment of them yet, and I absolutely don't want to steer you wrong. Give us a shout when it's in stock! We'll have had a chance to look them over thoroughly and test them in our binding release testing device, then we can give a detailed answer.
Answer from Emily
Any more info on this front?
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron and Emily, the medium seems to be testing at or above 9 while the hard spring tests more like 10-11.
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