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While out for a day in the mountains, it’s highly possible to find perfect powder up high, refrozen coral reef in the middle, and slush at the bottom. This variety of conditions necessitates a versatile tool, which describes the Armada Locator 96 to a “T” (and then some). Using their EST Freeride Rocker profile (rocker in the tip and a flat tail), Armada has ensured that the Locator 96 floats well in the soft stuff without sacrificing much on harder snow. To help with longevity, Armada employs their Comp base, which combines UHMW polyethylene and carbon for durability against rock strikes while billy-goating through rocky terrain. Finally, TI Binding Dampener is on hand to smooth over those teeth-rattling descents down frozen coral. Whether skiing powder, hard snow, or anything in between, the Locator 96 is designed to be a versatile tool for whatever the day holds.

  • EST Freeride Rocker combines a rockered/tapered tip, camber underfoot, and a flat tail, providing reliability in all conditions.
  • Comp base is UHMW polyethylene and carbon, helping to keep the bases durable and gliding smoothly over the snow.
  • 1.7mm Lightweight edges provide excellent durability while keeping the weight down.
  • Caruba core provides damping without adding unnecessary grams.
  • TI Binding Dampener combines rubber and Titanal under the binding, helping keep the vibrations down whilst traversing frozen sastrugi.
Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1160g [157]
1260g [164]
1315g [171]
1410g [178]
1440g [185]
Weight (pair) 2320g [157]
2520g [164]
2630g [171]
2820g [178]
2880g [185]
Dimensions   124-96-114 [157]
125-96-115 [164]
126-96-116 [171]
127-96-117 [178]
128-96-118 [185]
Turn Radius   18m [157]
19m [164]
20m [171]
21m [178]
22m [185]
Skin Fix   Armada AR Bat Tail Self Center
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Early tip rise, camber underfoot, flat tail
Shape   Tapered/rockered tip, flat tail
Construction   Ti binding dampeners plus carbon reinforcement meld dampness and energy
Core   Caruba
Skimo Co Says
Usage Daily ski touring
Notes Comp series bases incorporate carbon for glide and longevity
Bottom Line Do-it-all ski with a freeride twist
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Matt
How would you compare this in a 178 to the Fischer Hannibal 96 in a 176? Looks like the Armada weighs a bit more so I'm mostly curious about the downhill comparison. I'm searching for a daily driver to use in Colorado when I'm not sure what the snow conditions will be.
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Matt,

The Fischer Hannibal has the edge on stability, while the Locator is more playful and maneuverable. Both of them would make for great daily drivers, it just depends on your skiing style! More trees and butters and I'd recommend the Locator. If you just like skiing fast in open terrain, I'd recommend the Hannibal.
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Question from Jim
Are the weights (178cm) on these and the 104 version verified?

Armada's numbers are different (1375g) for this ski, but the same (1450g) for the 104, but another review calls the 104 "more than 1500g"
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Jim,

These weights as well as those for the 104 are verified. We weigh a handful of each and take the average weight. Because wood, a natural material, is used, weights can vary. You can always check for "Specs Verified = Yes" at the bottom of the Specifications section.
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Question from Dan
It seems that most skis in this weight class do not have any metal under the binding, is that true? The rubber + titanal combo appears to be a standout feature of this ski.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Dan, many skis do have titanal under the binding and all have rubber for dampening. With that said, the Locator series is a fun, versatile ski that is confident at high speeds.
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Model: Locator 96

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