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In designing the Free 97, Dynafit set out to create a balanced ski that isn’t too laborious on the up yet has the confidence to excel no matter the snow conditions. To achieve this, they started with a poplar wood core lined with carbon fiber stringers, which helps to provide a damp yet playful ride. They added more tip and tail rocker compared to their Beast series. This simultaneously increases maneuverability for those tight spaces as well as helps with float when it's nuking powder. All of this was done with you, the backcountry skier, in mind and a desire to elevate your ski experience every time you step onto these planks. As a "Thank You" we should probably all buy a set of these fun, damp, and ready-for-action Dynafit Free 97 skis. Just sayin'.

  • Rocker profile in both the tip and tail lends itself to flotation and turn initiation to keep you happy with face shots or fresh corn.
  • Full ABS sidewall construction helps increases durability and power transfer so you can rip around shark teeth with confidence.
  • Poplar Wood core and carbon stringers provide a lively yet smooth ride down that sweet, sweet ski line.
  • Notched tips for use with Speedskins or you can use any trim-to-fit kit with standard bails.

Lengths (cm) 170, 177, 184
convert to ounces
1460g [170]
1560g [177]
1630g [184]
Weight (pair) 2920g [170]
3120g [177]
3260g [184]
Dimensions   124-96-114 [170]
126-97-116 [177]
128-98-118 [184]
Turn Radius   18m [170]
19m [177]
20m [184]
Skin Fix   Race-notched tips, rockered notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Generous tip rocker, camber underfoot, ample tail rocker
Shape   Spoon tip, medium radius, tapered tail
Construction   Full sidewall
Core   Poplar wood core with carbon stringers
Skimo Co Says
Usage All around fun in a wide range of conditions
Notes Ample tail rocker helps to scrub speed when needed
Bottom Line A solid, versatile ski with that "quiver of one" potential
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Patrick
Hi Skimo - I am looking to replace some Navis Freebird 185s with something a bit lighter and slightly narrower, used 75% for touring primarily in the northeast. I currently have, and love, Transalp 90s and want something with a bit more beef on hard crud but without too much of a weight penalty. Lots of good choices out there for a ~95 UF ski that's light (like a Backland 95) but I feel those would be quite similar to my Transalp setup. Do you think the Free 97, with say a Blacklight binding, would be a good option for a light-ish setup? Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks. -PL
Answer from Emmett I

The Free 97 would work great for you! It's damp so it handles crud well, but not so damp that it isn't fun and energetic. Another good option is the Dynastar M-Tour 99. It's similar to the Free 97, just a bit lighter and a bit stiffer. All depends on your skiing style! I personally have skied and love both.
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Question from Dane
Curious if you guys have seen, or if you know, what the new "Snow Leopard 97" is? Same ski as the current Dynafit Free 97? Price point is/was the same. Just a new top sheet? Thanks! Love to see a 110/115 Dynafit with the performance of the older Huascaran or Denali with similar Black Light build weight.
Answer from jbo
Hi Dane, the Snow Leopard is a special topsheet for the 97, we should have it soon. They have a Tigard ski coming next year which is essentially a Free 114. Heavier build than the Blacklight series but similar to Huascaran. The Denali could be considered replaced by the BL95.
Answer from Dane
Thanks Jason! Love the 95. It is a lot more ski than the Denali and no weight penalty. Hard one to beat. Looking forward to seeing the Tigard's specs. Huascaran was another great ski. Hopefully they'll put the Tigard on a serious diet by comparison ;)
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Question from Marshall Pratt
Hello Skimo! The Dynafit website gives different weights for this ski. For example, they claim the 184cm comes in at 1540g per ski. Are your weights measured as opposed to claimed? Thanks!
Answer from Marshall P
To explain the question, I'm actually looking for heavier/damper touring ski to handle all the wind hammered steep skiing that my local range offers. So I'm secretly hoping that your weights are correct!
Answer from jbo
Hi Marshall, if you see "Specs Verified" and "Yes", that means this is our verified weights. Since skis are made of natural materials (wood), they can vary. Our weights are the average of many production pairs we receive. We'd be happy to send you our heaviest pair, most of our customers wouldn't want those anyhow!
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Question from Cian
This season I wanted a stable hard charging ski that can do frozen chop to fresh powder and everything in-between and at a reasonable weight. I'm torn between the free 97 and hustle 10. From what I can tell they are pretty similar except the Hustle 10 has a wider tail, a bit more weight and obviously slightly wider by 5mm all around.

What will be the main difference in their performance characteristics?
Answer from jbo
Hi Cian, you are on the right track! We skied the Hustle and it was decent, we just were expecting more for the extra weight. The Free 97 skis as well or better at less weigh in my opinion, especially when it comes to holding an edge on harder snow. It's also a bit quicker and easier to pivot and has a tip notch!
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Question from Brad
What's the word on mount point for these? The beast 98 was a bit more progressive and I'm hoping these are the same. Is this my rockered, progressive, ~1450g goldilocks? Any other skis meeting this description if not? (PS. A listing of mount points article would be so $$$$)
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Brad. The factory recommended mount position is -10 from true center, fitting between traditional and progressive. If you're after a maneuverable/rockered ski with a progressive mount point, you should check out the Voile Hyper Manti which has a mount point of -5.4cm in the 176cm length.
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Model: Free 97

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