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An enhanced version of the Revolution WC binding, the Revolution Brake WC is designed for those seeking the podium, albeit with an insurance policy in case their high-speed straight line doesn’t go quite according to plan: ski brakes. This also makes the binding compliant with ISMF races that require brakes. To help save valuable seconds while the clock is ticking, ATK uses their seamless Easy Entry System, which features toe geometry that allows for quick and easy step-in. For transitions, ATK has found a way to integrate the heel flap with the brakes, so that by putting the flap over the heel pins, the brake becomes engaged. To help with worn-out toe inserts, ATK created the Uphill Hardness Variator, which allows the force of the toe lock mechanism to be adjusted, so you can continue redlining up your climb without fear of prematurely ejecting from your toe-piece. If all this wasn’t tantalizing enough, the Snowpack Proof toe is resilient to snow buildup, which as everyone who is in the know knows, certainly isn’t a terrible thing. Lighter weight skiers can choose the Lightweight version which drops the release value by a third. For those who’ve been seeking a world-cup quality race binding with brakes, your search stops with the ATK Revolution Brake.

  • Uphill Hardness Variator adjusts the amount of “toe lock” while in tour mode.
  • Snowpack Proof toe design resists snow buildup under the wings.
  • Easy Entry System helps confidently click in every time.
  • World Cup ready binding that features an ISMF compliant brake.
  • Titanium screws are half the weight of steel (6-8g savings per side).
  • Available in RV's of approximately 9 or 6 (LT version).
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 256g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   65
BSL Adjustment   Accessory plates
Riser Heights   1
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Fixed
Crampon Ready   Removable Accessory
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Alu 7075, Titanium, POM
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, speed touring
Notes Brake comes in one size suitable for race skis
Bottom Line A race binding for those who desire brakes
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Questions & Reviews

Corey G (used product regularly)
Overall seems to be a pretty good binding so far. The only thing is that it seems kind of hard to push to release the boot from the binding. Also it seems like snow builds up below the release part and I have to wipe it away before I am able to release. Otherwise it is easy to flip over the tab to go from skiing to skinning. Haven't had to test the brakes yet.
Reply from jbo
Hi Corey, hope you don't have to test the brakes! One cause of stiff toe ejection (in all tech bindings) is snow buildup on your boot sole, preventing the wings underneath from rising high enough to spread the pins apart.
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Question from Allen T
Sounds like the hole pattern is the same as the non-brake version, are the pins in the same place as well? Just seeing if a direct swap with the brakeless version would work. Thanks!
Answer from Emmett I
Yep, pins are in the same spot, same mount pattern!
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Question from Josh Johnston
What accessory do I need to purchase to attach my atk ski crampons?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Josh! The part you're looking for is the Crampon Slot - Aluminum . Thanks!
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Question from David B
Is the ski brake removable?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi David,

Perhaps you could physically remove it, but it would not be recommended or easy. The brake mechanism is designed into the heelpiece, and connected to the heel flap via a precisely-tensioned wire. If you did do binding surgery to remove it, I doubt you could ever get it back on. Would not recommend.
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Question from Aaron
The listing for the lower spec ATK Trofeo Brake binding specifically states there is no flat mode available (just the one riser + downhill mode). Based on the similarity of the bindings, I'd expect the same here, but the listing doesn't rule it out or confirm - does the ATK Revolution Brake WC have a flat mode available or not? Thanks!
Answer from Niko M
Hi Aaron! Like the ATK Trofeo, the ATK Revolution Brake WC has one riser height and no flat mode. Thanks!
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Question from jackson
do these have the same mounting pattern as the Trofeo? thinking about upgrading this year and would be sweet if I could just use the same holes.
Answer from Jeff
Jackson, Yes, all the ATK race heels have the same mounting pattern -
ATK Revolution / SL / Trofeo Toe piece -30 x 27mm, Heel piece - 25 x 34mm
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Question from Zack Jensen
Do you know if there is a way to get replacement brakes for these? I've had to bend mine back a few times so far.
Answer from Emmett I

While the brakes seem to be replaceable, we don't have any replacements available.
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Model: Revolution Brake WC

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