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Get ready for double takes! When seeing you in the Crazy Idea Hugo race top and pants, most people will think you are Crazy for racing in your street clothes. That is the effect of Crazy Idea’s legendary printed designs. But don’t be fooled by the appearance, the Power Kler high-performance stretch fabric is designed for top skimo racing and speed touring. It has specific pockets placed perfectly for all your ski mountaineering necessities. A zippered chest pocket is there for calories, an inner zipper pocket is made for your avalanche transceiver, and large internal kangaroo-pockets are big enough for your skins. The Crazy Idea Hugo system is so fun to wear you’ll do it anytime the weather permits.

  • Power Kler high-performance stretch fabric provides comfort and a great race fit.
  • Fasteners integrate Hugo race pants for full suit performance.
  • Easy access to large internal skin pockets for fast transitions.
  • Internal zipped pocket for avalanche transceiver.
  • Chest pocket with aerodynamic invisible zip.
  • Flat seams for comfort and increased durability.
  • Cool printed designs for a stylish look.
convert to ounces
262g [M]
Ventilation N/A
Hood No
Pockets 1 external zipped with skin pocket, 2 internal stash
Waist Slim with hooks to attach the Hugo Race Pants
Cuffs Elastic
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic
Materials   Power Kler
Insulation No
Seams Flat
Lining None
Coating None
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski Racing
Notes Legendary Crazy Idea prints
Bottom Line Stylish race top
Compare to other Men's Speed Jackets

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Travis
Do these have a upf rating? Curious if they’d be any good for volcano skiing.
Answer from Emmett I

These don't have a UPF rating or anything. I suspect they'd work well for a light volcano layer, but we haven't had a chance to measure their effectiveness against sun.
Answer from jbo
Hi Travis, I wear this often in spring and it works great. No issues with sun but it's not rated.
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Question from Paul C
Any chance you are getting more of the 'Fire' color (red, white, blue) in stock soon, in size small?
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Paul,

Looks like it's unlikely we'll receive more this season, but if you'd like, reach out to us at and we can sign you up for an email notification for if we get them back in stock.
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Question from Nick
I have the Cripple creek branded Crazy Idea bottoms. I need a top that fastens to the bottoms. They attach via buttons, is this the fastening system that’s on the Hugo top?
Pretty sure the bottoms are a past year’s Repeat or Hugo.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Nick. I don't know specifics of what their rebranded pants are, however, this top attaches to the Hugo bottoms via a hook system.
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Question from Jeffrey R
Is there any chance of an XL or XXL?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Jeffrey, we do carry an XL but I am not seeing that we will receive any more of that size this season! Sorry, wish I had better news for you.
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Question from Karl
Hi Jeffrey
That was my understanding that Hugo was a lighter material than the Alagna Lite that I own. However, I was asking how does the Hugo material compare to the top (not the windproof bottom) of the Karpos Race Suit I own one of those too and it feels thinner or at least more open to the air flow than Alagna. However, mine is an older piece, certainly pre 2020 (2018?) and maybe the material of the more current Race Suit has been changed to one that is identical to Alagna if that is what you are saying. I would appreciate that email very much. Thank you.
Answer from Tim
Hi Karl,
To answer your question, the Hugo top is slightly thinner and a bit more breathable then the race suit. The race suit top has a bit of a DWR treatment that makes the top feel more substantial, that and the skin pockets on the outside of the suit add up to be more wind blocking. The Hugo top is super thin and breathable making it a great option when trying to shed that extra thermal energy.
Hope that helps,
Answer from Karl
Thanks Tim,
That is the answer I was hoping for. I am a sweaty guy and then, I feel somewhat ridiculous in a one piece suit when not racing (which I can't remember when I did last time).
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Question from Karl
A few questions:

1. How does the material compare to that of the Karpos Race Suit (the top part of it)? Which one is thinner, more breathable, less wind resistant?

2. I'm 186 cm and 74 kg in my birthday suit, size L according to the size guide. Some reviewers suggest that this item may be an oddity in the CI lineup fitting bigger. What size would you recommend? My chest is 98 cm at the nipple level and 101 cm higher up across the armpits, waist 78 cm.

3. The colors are not quite my cup of tea. Not that important but any suggestion of possible different styles for the upcoming season?

Answer from Jeff
Karl, I tried it on and compared the Karpos Alagna Lite jacket you bought.
The Hugo is a lighter material and is a Race or late spring piece. The Alagna will be the more weather-resistant piece.
For fit, I would still say a large for you. I am a bit smaller than you and found the Medium to be a bit too tight for me.
Color, there is one new one we will be bringing in. Away from the plaids and prints. Has a mountain print with splashes of color, dark near the bottom. If you reply to this, I will get an email and can reply with a picture.
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Anthony O (used product regularly)
I like this top but have a couple problems, firstly the sizing is inconsistent with other pieces in crazys line-i have a large in the repeat top that fits me perfectly, but I am swimming in a large in this piece. Also I had inconsistent stitching on mine- the connective buttons that attach it to the matching pants had only a couple stitches and came off on the very first use, whereas on the repeat pant and top they havent shown any signs of distress after 50 days use. Other than that I like the features and design, esp the large front pocket and zippered beacon pocket. I would like a hood but thats personal preference. Great for spring and racing.
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mbillie1 (used product regularly)
I got one of these a month and a half ago and have worn it probably 20 times since then. I like to do my regular touring in touring pants (OR Trailbreakers) and a skinsuit shirt; I have this one, and the Utah Skimo branded one made by Ski Trab. Compared to the trab, the Hugo is lighter/thinner, less wind-resistant, and somewhat better at staying dry. It has a nice big useful pocket on the front and the full complement of inner pockets you'd expect. I find it not quite substantial enough for temps below about 20F but that's just for me personally.

My only real gripe is that it doesn't have the grippy bit at the bottom to keep it from riding up under your pack. I find myself pulling it back down (or tucking it into my pants, which looks absurd even in the context of skimo attire) quite a bit. Otherwise no reservations, I'll be wearing this a whole lot more as the weather warms.
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