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Bust a buckle? Maybe ripped off on a tree stump? Hopefully, you will find a new one here. If you can't find it here, please check out our selection of new boots.

DNA Cuff Cord x1 - Thin Dyneema cuff cord on the full-carbon DNA boots.

PDG Cuff Buckle Set x2 - A set of cuff buckles for your Dynafit PDG.

PDG Instep Catch x1 - The catch for the instep buckle on the first generation PDG.

PDG Instep Buckle x1 - The instep buckle for the first generation PDG.

PDG Ratchet Buckle x1 - The buckle that the ratchet strap feeds into on the first generation PDG.

PDG Ratchet Strap x1 - Ratchet strap replacement for PDG.

PDG 2 Instep Buckle x 1 - The instep buckle for the second generation PDG 2.

PDG 2 Instep Cord x2 - The cord that crosses your instep on the PDG 2 boots.

PDG 2 Cuff Buckle x1 - The buckle on the cuff of the PDG 2.

DyNA Evo Instep Strap x2 - Velcro Strap replacement for DyNA boots.

TLT6 Left Cuff Buckle & Catch - The cuff buckle and catch from the cuff of your left TLT6.

TLT6 Right Cuff Buckle & Catch - The cuff buckle and catch from the cuff of your right TLT6.

TLT7 Left Buckle Set - The complete buckle assembly for your entire left TLT7 boot.

TLT7 Right Buckle Set - The complete buckle assembly for your right TLT7 boot.

TLT Speedfit Left Instep Buckle x1 - An instep buckle for your left Dynafit TLT Speedfit.

TLT Speedfit Right Instep Buckle x1 - An instep buckle for your right Dynafit TLT Speedfit.

TLT Speedfit Left Cuff Buckle x1 - The cuff buckle for your left Dynafit TLT Speedfit.

TLT Speedfit Right Cuff Buckle x1 - The cuff buckle for your right Dynafit TLT Speedfit.

TLT8 Right Cuff Buckle - The cuff buckle for your right TLT8 - will work with ALL TLT8 models despite color.

TLT8 Left Cuff Buckle - The cuff buckle for your left TLT8 - will work with ALL TLT8 models despite color.

TLT8 Cuff Catch - The cuff catch for the ladder buckle for all TLT8 models.

TLT8 Instep Strap and Rachet - The ladder, "V" shaped cord and rivets for all TLT8 models.

TLT8 Carbonio Instep Buckle - The buckle that tightens the ladder across the instep including rivets. Will work with all TLT8 models, but color is specific to the TLT8 Carbonio.

Hoji Instep Strap x1 - Instep strap for you Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Instep Buckle x1 - Instep buckle for your Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Toe Buckle x1 - Toe buckle for your Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Cuff Buckle x1 - Cuff buckle for your Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Cuff Catch x1 - Cuff buckle catch for your Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Toe Catch - Toe catch for all Hoji models.

Vulcan Instep Straps - Comes as a set of the left and right strap

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Alexey
Hello! Can you help me? Do Dynafit's NEO PX power buckle and cord are the same like Vulcan's? Do you have right or left?
Answer from jbo
Hi Alexey, not sure what you mean by power buckle, but yes the Vulcan uses most of the same parts, albeit with a different color scheme.
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Question from Adam
I looking for the right TLT6 Cuff buckle, the drop menu doesn't have one listed. Does this mean you are out of stock on this part?

Thanks Adam
Answer from jbo
Hi Adam, yes unfortunately that is what that means.
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Question from Corey C
I recently bought a PDG Instep Buckle. I wanted to try something like a rivet to attach this to my boot but the pop rivets you can buy at home depot didn't really work. They don't leave a flat surface so it would dig into your foot. Do you have any recommendations for how to attach this on the cheap? Links please if you have them.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Corey, did you come in and get this handled? If not, a T-Nut will be your best friend.
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Question from Karl
I have some One Px boots, size 28.5, will the cuff buckle for the Vulcan work as a replacement for this boot?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Karl, we haven't ever stocked the One so I'm not entirely positive it is the same buckle but I'd say that considering how often we have made cross-over buckles work it's totally possible that it will work!
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Question from Schmidtlet
Hi, I lost a instep cord on my TLT 5. Do you have a product in stock that would work as a replacement? Thank you.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Schmidtlet, we are sold out at the moment, unfortunately. I don't have a good estimate as to when we will get more in, but if you absolutely need it to ski, I have seen people use accessory cord in a pinch!
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Question from Fritz
Hi there. The cables on the two lower buckles of my left Dynafit Mercury have broken. Can you tell me what parts will work for this? Can I just get the replacement cables or do I need new buckles, and if so do any of the buckles you carry work with the Mercury?

Answer from jbo
Hi Fritz, you need to replace the whole buckle. Unfortunately we don't have availability on those.
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Question from Jon

I have a broken buckle on my tlt6cr boot. It's the part that clamps around the back of my boot and locks the boot from flexing forward - I've attached a picture as I don't know the proper buckle terminology and want to ensure I get the right part. Do you carry this?Are the rivets to attach it separate?

Thank you!
Answer from jbo
Hi Jon, you'll need a TLT6 Right buckle & catch. It comes with rivets.
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Question from Brad Taylor
I have a pair of 2008 DynaFit Zeus Boots. The top buckle extender has broken making it difficult if not impossible to buckle the boot in back country conditions. I have included a photo of the part I need. Please advise when convenient.
FYI - I need the silver buckle extender shown in the photo. It attaches to the buckle system via allen screw
Answer from jbo
Hi Brad, unfortunately we can't get parts for the Zeus boot, it has been out of production too long.
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Question from Tomislav
I broke catche on my Dynafit ONe PX. Can I order spare parts from another model (TLT6 or another)?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tomislav, the Vulcan buckles are the same as the ONE, you can use those.
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Question from will
I broke off the upper buckle on my TLT 5 (the part that locks the boot into ski mode, and I saw above that the TLT 6 parts would work but you are out of stock for those. Would the PDG or the Vulcan cuff buckles work for my TLT 5 boot?
Answer from jbo
Hi Will, the PDG buckles are the same and would be ideal, but you could probably get the Vulcans to work as well.
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Question from Patrick
Have you any experience with putting a PDG instep buckle onto a boot with a more rigid instep, like a TLT5P?
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, yes those buckles work fine on that boot.
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Question from Justin
Kinda the same question as Jamie above re: Vulcan Rt Cuff Buckle. When your trying to replace the buckle - how do you actually get the allen wrench screw out of the rivet?

Also wanted to confirm that a TLT buckle could be used in place of the Vulcan buckle if a fix needs to be made right away.

Answer from jbo
Hi Justin, the rivets need to be drilled out. A TLT buckle should work, but might require some new holes depending on size.
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Question from Joel (downright abused product)
I broke the upper buckle on my right tlt5 performance. Which buckle replacement will work?
I was thinking/hoping
(2) TLT6 Mtn Cuff Buckle Set - Buckles, catches & cords for the TLT6 cuffs.
(2) TLT6 Cuff Buckle & Catch - Cuff buckles for the TLT6. Includes cord & catches. Choose left or right boots.
Answer from jbo
Hi Joel, you could get either to work.
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Question from Peter
So, I'm sick of having my instep buckles pop open/off in my TLT5s when hiking. Would it be feasible to replace them with the TLT6 instep buckle/catch assembly? If so, just to confirm, does one set from the drop down menu provide the buckles/catches for (2) boots?
Answer from jbo
Hi Peter, with enough time and patience, you can put about any buckle on any boot. Those sets do include everything for left and right boots, yes.
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Question from Jamie
Snapped right top cuff-buckle on my Dynafit Vulcan's. Any chance you carry those? I see left cuff buckle on drop down list, not right side...assuming it's the same one. Would TLT6 cuff buckle work? Thanks much
Answer from jbo
Hi Jamie, the buckles are mirror images. We will have more right buckles in a week or so.
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Question from dave
Can I update my TLT5 buckle set with the TLT6 buckle set, with the goal of adding the micro adjust feature on the TLT6 buckles?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, no problem there!
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Question from kevin
Do you have the pdg upper cuff buckle? How do I select it? I don't see it in the list. Size 27
Answer from eric
Kevin- We do not have a PDG buckle but the tlt6 or vulcan would work. They are the wrong color but would function the same. Vulcan buckle is a bit beefier and heavier.
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Question from KennyD

I have the TLT 5 Mountain, It is missing the Cord for the bottom buckle. Do you sell the cord by itself? Or is it the TLT Mtn Instep Buckle Set?
Answer from jbo
Hi KennyD, the TLT5 parts have dried up but the PDG instep buckles work. Unfortunately those are now sold out for the season as well.
Answer from Kenneth D
Can you please let me know when it is back in stock.
Answer from Anita T
I have the same problem with my tlt5s. And I just have to say that Dynafit has the WORST customer service ever. Glad to see you guys are offering parts because they cant be bothered to even reply to emails about parts. Even when you say that you are a volunteer instructor with a backcountry ski class and need asap. Thanks for filling in for their horrible customer service. I guess I'm going to have to buy new boots since this part is sold out. :(
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Question from Tracy
Do you guys still have TLT5 Instep Buckle cord for size 26.5?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tracy, unfortunately not. Same story with the PDG cord, which is the same.
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Question from Darren
My wife has a pair of One-PXes in a size 26. They are a little snug around the calf when in ski mode. Is it possible to get a longer cable for the top buckle to give her a little more room? We tried heel lifts, but that wasn't quite enough. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Darren, it's possible replacing the whole buckle assembly with a bigger size would help. It's the same buckles (other than color) for the One, Mercury, and Vulcan, so you maybe be able to find one.
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