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Why bother trimming skins when you can get Pomoca-quality Speedskins precut for Dynafit skis? The climbing skins include a patented clamp system that works effortlessly on non-race model skis. Designed to be ripped off from the tip of the ski, the Speedskins include an easy-to-grab rubber stick that fits perfectly in Dynafit tip notches. The simple tail clips clasp securely on the flat tail notches found on all Dynafit skis. The precut Dynafit Speedskins are the easiest way to get climbing and, more importantly, skiing.

  • Waterproof membrane separates the fur from the glue, preventing moisture from compromising the stickiness.
  • Speed Glide finish is applied to the 70% mohair plush to reduce friction and consequently leg burn.
  • Snow Leopard Grip comes from a combination of special materials that climb well and are abrasion resistant.
  • Anti-stick compound is applied to the bottoms to help prevent hateful glomming.
  • Cut to match the Blacklight, Free, Speed, Carbonio, Speedfit, SL 80, etc skis.

Update 2019/20: Dynafit added pre-cut skin options for the Carbonio 76 and Speed 76 skis. Also, some of the models now have colored rubber tips.

Update 2020/21: New models match the Blacklight series including the 74, 80, and 88. See the Pin Skins for the Blacklight Pro.

Update 2021/22: Additional precuts for the Blacklight 95 and Free 97 / 107 skis.

Update 2023/24: Dynafit has added some color, otherwise, the skins remain unchanged.

Questions & Reviews

Question from tootall
i have a pair of grand teton 191 and 108 under the foot. any one have any ideas on a dynafit speed skin i could make work?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tootall! Thanks for reaching out! Ideally, your best bet would be to get the precut Teton skin, though to my knowledge they haven't been available for a little bit. One option is to get a pre-built skin kit and just not use the tip notch on the Teton. If you can't get away from the tip notch though (I wouldn't blame you if you couldn't I don't think I'll ever be able to) then making a skin is probably your best bet.

We will have full stock of material in a few weeks and making a skin for Dynafit skis is actually really simple if you have a hammer and a nail. Send me an email or give us a call if you have any further questions!
Answer from Deling R
I have a pair of Dynafit Stoke, which is identical to Grand Teton. I have asked Dynafit and they told me they no longer make skins for Stoke and Grand Teton :(. I LOVE the tip notch. It works so much better than any other attachment mechanism I've seen.
How do you attach the tip to another skin? It looks like it's sewn on.
Answer from jbo
Hi Deling, easiest is to cut a hole in the skin, feed the tip through, and fold the skin over the metal bar attached to the rubber tip. Then rivet or possibly sew if that's your bag.
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Question from Ryan Kelly

Thanks again for you help this past winter with some replacement kit parts. The backcountry Sierra Nevada red fox research was incredible and we got two new fox detections in the park.

So...I'm still skiing on my old Dynafit Stokes 167 cms. What are my options for tracking down speed skins? Gotta any laying around?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ryan! Glad we could help the Red Foxes! I don't have any Stoke skins left, and from what I remember the Stoke was only offered in a 164cm, not 167cm, but that may work out in your favor because we ordered a ton of the Huascaran 167 skins for this exact purpose. The Huascaran skin is just a wider and slightly longer version of your Stoke, so you could just cut the Huascaran skin down to the proper length and then trim down the excess width.
Answer from Ryan K
You were correct on the Stoke size: 164 cm. Whats my best bet for rigging a speed skin for this size? Thank you!
Answer from jbo
Hi Ryan, I'd get that Huascaran167 skin, cut off the tails (optionally adding new hooks), and trim the edges.
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Question from Kathy
I have 171 seven summits. I'm assuming these will be a fit for them? thank you!
Answer from jbo
Hi Kathy, we are out of the matching skins for the Seven Summits unfortunately. You could cut down a bigger Dynafit skin and add some tail clips though.
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Question from bill
huascaran 177? any ideas? TIA. need more words.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Bill. We don't have any 177's in stock right now as it's a discontinued ski. However, if you need a new skin we have plenty of other trim-to-fit options that would work with that ski! Send me an email if you have any other questions!
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Question from Kim
Hi! Looking for skins to fit my 164 Dynafit Stoke. Can you help? I'm ready to order!!!
Answer from jbo
Hi Kim, no precuts but you can get a Huascaran skin and move the tails and trim.
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Question from Pete
Any recommendation as to which size to choose to retrofit a 168cm DPS wailer 99 ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Pete, since you're cutting it down, might as well get the Huascaran, it will cover everything!
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Andrew (downright abused product)
Great skins! Have them for both my Mustagh Ata Superlight skis and my new Denali skis. The tip and tail connection is very simple but works very well. Ripping skins from the tip (as opposed to from the tail with most other manufacturers) makes it very easy to quickly rip skins with your skis on (race style). They are lighter and more packable than many other skins that various friends use. I find the mohair/nylon mix used to be a great balance between grip and glide.

Only downside I have found is the glue. When new, it works great but on my older skins with a lot of use, I have had to do some serious touch-ups with BD gold label. I have discovered that this is a result of Black Diamond glue (and perhaps other manufacturers) have some toxic components in their glue that are illegal in Europe and thus absent from Dynafit (and other European) skins.

Overall, great skins that I highly recommend. Just realize you will have to give the glue some TLC after quite a bit of use (but I think that is true for any skin).

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biggb (used product regularly)
I have these skins for my Dynafit Manaslus and 7summits.

I also have a pair of BD Nylon Ascension skins i rotate into use for my Manaslus ... depending on conditions, goals, etc.

Pamoca is the manufacturer for these skins and traditionally have heard they are seen as the "sports car" of skins. I agree with this for the most part. Light weight, high performance ... but maybe a bit temperamental.

In my opinion, the glue does not stick as well as my Ascension skins nor resist ice / snow issues as well after a few laps or when conditions get wet. With that being said I have never had a problem i couldn't fix with a small amount of effort ... so not the biggest deal.

I like the rubber front attachment (easy to rip skins w/o taking skis off ... less contortion than rear clip option) and also really love not having to CUT THE SKINS MYSELF (<3).

Depending on conditions and performance goals i would recommend.
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Kerry (downright abused product)
I've used 4 pair of these on 7Summits, Manaslu, Mustagh Ata skis. I also use the race version Dynafit skin on my DyNA skis--where I have a small preference for CAMP race skin. In all conditions and especially during transition to spring when conditions are becoming wet and gloppy in places, and still well below freezing in pockets, these skins routinely outperform the competition used by my touring partners (BD, G3, K2, LaSport). They glide more, they grip at least as well, they're lighter, and they don't glop as much. The only person I wouldn't recommend these for is someone who likes absolutely bomber glue above all else, including the ability to keep pace with your friends. Euro glue is effective, lighter, easier to pull from the ski, doesn't attract as much spring crud, and is easy to maintain. After about 30-60-days of use, just pick off the balls of contaminated glue (don't hot scrap it), and apply a thin layer of your favorite skin glue in a tube. I've been using BD Gold, just not as much as are normally on BD skins.
Another maintenance tip--wax your skins (not just the Euro's; all of them). I rarely feel the need within the first 30-days of use, but thereafter, I warm wax all my skins about every 15-days or when I expect demanding conditions. Don't apply as much iron as on the ski...just rub the cold bar against the hair enough to evenly distribute visible wax, and iron with the hair just enough to lay the hair back into place. Corking the wax with the hair will prevent applying too much iron heat, which can degrade your nylon and glue. I use the same wax as I use on my skis, sometimes slightly softer.
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Jonathan S (downright abused product)
Overall: Five Stars for a climbing skin with excellent all-around properties, and well worth considering even for other than Dynafit skis. My only caveat is that I’ve never used them in very warm wet conditions for repeated laps, which I think is the most difficult challenge for any skin glue.

Background on product familiarity: I have over 300,000 vertical feet on a pair of Manaslu skins. I liked those so much that I bought two pairs of the more recent generations on closeout that were originally intended for the discontinued version of the Se7en Summits ski. One of those pairs has been trimmed down and used for spring and summer mountaineering on my Hagan X-Race skis (for which I use straight mohair for racing and training during the winter). Previously, for (too?) many years I had been wedded to a certain line of purple and then orange skins, but my Manaslu skins in 2008 helped wean me away from that habit to a current assortment of various momix skins for all my touring setups.

First, the first impressions out of the box: If you’re accustomed to a certain orange (previously purple) skin, then the backing on these will feel amazingly subtle, the plush pleasingly smooth, and the glue somewhat suspect. By contrast, if you’re accustomed to other European skins with a mix of mohair and nylon, then all those qualities will be familiar.

To adapt the skins to other skis, if your skis don’t have a tip notch, you can be brave and create one: Skimo Life.

Next, to dial in the length, the easiest option is to ditch the relatively basic tail clip, which is potentially helpful, but almost always unnecessary. Alternatively, remove the plastic “tip plate” receptacle, then cut the skin to the appropriate length (with length sizing the trickiest part of all this), and finally just sew the rubber tip in directly using a Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl (for the equivalent of the tip setup on the Dynafit Race Ready skin). You’ll lose the advantage of field replacement for the rubber tip, but this is an advantage only if you carry an extra tip on your tours, which doesn’t seem worth the bother anyway given their apparent longevity.

Finally, for trimming the skin, no trim tool is included, since these are set up with the exact dimensions for specific Dynafit models, but the cheap little BD “letter opener” tool easily produces a clean and precise edge.

Second impressions, in use: The rubber tip is brilliant simplicity, a stark contract to so many other complicated tip hardware systems on the market. The length is not adjustable on the latest versions, but with the amount of stretch inherent in the rubber tip, I’ve never felt the need to adjust the length (and hence never bothered to do with my older version that does have a small length adjustment).

The glide is excellent. The glue has held up for repeated laps in very cold temperatures, but I was very careful to rewarm them inside my jacket on each descent (although not always so careful to keep snow off the glue).

All of this adds up to very easy removals and refixing.

I’ve heard complaints that momix skins don’t grip quite as well as nylon skins. Perhaps true, but I’ve never noticed any differences, even for steeper-than optimal skintracks. (And if you’re constantly trying to take as steep a skintrack as possible, while using the highest heel elevator setting on touring bindings, then learn how to set – and love – a lower-angle and ultimately more efficient skintrack!)

Third impressions, for long-term durability: Although my Manaslu pair has mainly been used in good winter conditions (i.e., continuous snow), they have nevertheless encountered more than their fair share of adversity during the course of over 300,000 earned vertical. However, they’re still pretty much good as new. The rubber tip shows no signs of cracks (and neither do any of the many other tips I’ve retrofitted onto various mohair race skins with lots of use). The glue has required only some small annual touch-ups in the tail. And the plush is still fine.
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Benski (used product a few times)
I have these for my Manaslus, and hoping to get for other skis. The tip is brilliant for a recreational skin, and makes them just that much more pleasant to use. Only a couple days on them, but the material has seen some rocks and sticks and doesn't appear any worse for the wear. Maybe they'll make some sort of universal tip connector so I can use on my non-Dynafit skis.
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T Beck (downright abused product)
I love them. They glide, are light and climb just great. The glue is fine but can be dramatically improved by putting on some gold label at the tip and tail and just working the snow and moisture off by rubbing them on my ski pants also does the trick to get several laps in.

I agree with Stano that they are incredibly fast skins out of the box . Great durability for me, roughly 100 days on them and still going strong.

I have tried BD mohair, mohair mix, Sportiva skins. My favorite skins so far.
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Stano at SkinTrack (downright abused product)
I have used two pairs of these extensively (120+ days combined) in all conditions that could be found, except in rain. They fit and glide very well. They seem to be lasting long time despite being light and thin.

I usually do about 3-5 runs when bc skiing and they always stuck despite the glue looking sometimes not so sticky on occasion.

Comparing these to skimo race skins or any other skins I ever had, these are the fastest skins out of the box. Can't really compare to any other brand's current skins (besides racing ones) as I haven't used other ones for my bc skis in 3 seasons.
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