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Having created the design for pin bindings as we know them today, Dynafit has rightfully been associated with durable and long-lasting tech binding designs that perform at the highest level. With the Ridge binding, Dynafit continues this proud tradition but with an increased emphasis on user-friendliness. Generally, most braked bindings require the heel piece to be rotated 90-180° to be placed into the touring configuration. Switching out of this mode can be "exciting" as the heel piece is usually quite eager to get back into the skiing mode, occasionally catching an unaware finger between the AFD and heel turret. Recognizing this, Dynafit came up with the Easy Turn Tech system, which allows the heel turret to be decoupled from the baseplate, facilitating easy and unintimidating transitions. The gapless heel offers excellent performance while the fully adjustable vertical and lateral release allows you to choose your ideal setting between 4-12. For ease of use in icy terrain, the Ridge binding now allows for ski crampons to be placed directly into the crampon receptor (similar to the system used by Plum) instead of having to be slid in from the side. For an easy-to-use binding that offers excellent performance, look no further than the Ridge binding from Dynafit.

  • Easy Turn Tech system allows for easy rotation of the heel turret during transitions, preventing your fingers from getting caught between the heel and baseplate.
  • Ice Breaker Toe Piece resists ice and snow buildup for reliable use far from the trailhead.
  • Forward pressure with a gapless heel provides an excellent ski feel and allows for optimal power transmission.
  • Easy Entry Surface and Step-In Guide allow for easy entry into the toe piece.
  • Safe Brake System prevents the brakes from being inadvertently activated.
  • BSL adjustment of 25mm accommodates a quiver of boots, allowing you to share equipment with the in-laws.
  • Quick-In Crampon Slot allows ski crampons to be quickly and easily placed, forgoing the hassle of ski crampons of years past.

Size note: The brakes run a bit wide for their stated width. If you have any doubts, we encourage rounding down.

convert to ounces
420g [94mm]
Weight (pair) 840g [94mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   94, 108, 125
BSL Adjustment   25mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   4-12
Lateral Release   4-12
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum, high-tech synthetic, stainless steel pins
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder harvesting, crud, and everything in between
Notes Heel piece easily rotates from touring to ski modes
Bottom Line An easy-to-use binding with excellent performance
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Eric
Crampons? Do the regular dynafit crampons fit? If so, how is it that they are “quick-in”??
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Eric,

Yes, it is compatible with regular Dynafit crampons, although they will need to be inserted from the side in the standard way. There will be a quick-in crampon that is specifically designed to drop in from the top, Plum-style, that we will be carrying next season.
Answer from Eric S
Thanks. I assume that the Plum crampons will *not* work, right?
Answer from Jeff
Eric, Will not. The Quick-in will be a unique crampon. And apparently will work with "future bindings".
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Question from Aaron Wilcher
Hiya- How do the riser heights compare to the Radical? Flat... medium.... highball... higher, lower, about the same?
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, each position has 7-8mm less delta. See our pin height chart if you want to nerd out.
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Question from Eric
What’s the hole pattern?
Answer from Emmett I

I've included a photo with rough measurements. This should NOT be used for mounting, I would take all the measurements with a grain of salt.
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Question from Anthony O
Will this have a brakeless version? What's the weight without brakes?
Answer from Emmett I

Weighed one. One toe and heel weighed 437g with the brake. They weighed 364g without the brake, making the brake 73g.
Answer from Brett S
Hey Anthony, at this point, Dynafit does not recommend running this binding without brakes.
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Model: Ridge Binding

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