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Long lines, crowded parking lots, boring terrain, tracked-out snow, and expensive lift tickets are common reasons to avoid ski resorts. Despite these drawbacks, the ease of chairlift skiing often entices skiers to partake of the lift-serviced goods from time to time. When the inevitable boredom sets in, locals and determined adventurers set out to find the small pockets of wild side-country that reside just outside the boundary ropes. The reworked Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12 makes accessing these stashes easier than ever by linking the touring capabilities of a tech toe to the downhill reliability of an alpine heel. This updated Kingpin had a whole bunch of carbon slapped on both the toe and heel, and was given ergonomic ski/walk levers and ergonomic climbing aids that better match your natural stride. For years, Kingpin bindings have been opening up the sidecountry to resort skiers. Now, that further accessibility is available in an even lighter and more user-friendly package with the Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12.

  • Carbon reinforcement in the toe and heel cut weight, allowing you to tour farther and easier than with the heavier Kingpin models.
  • Alpine-style heel clamp offers noticeably higher vertical elasticity as compared to pin-style heels, great for handling bumps.
  • Marker widened the base of this binding, making for more power transfer that improves downhill performance.
  • The ski/walk lever now has a neat sideways lever arm, making transitioning easier.
  • Heel risers at 0, 7, and 13 degrees make uphill travel more comfortable.
  • ISO 9523 (AT) boot compatible.

Update 2022/23: ISI (Intuitive Step In) toe piece has a wider platform and rubber bumper for easier step-in that requires less force. This added one ounce to the weight.

Brake Width Ski Width
100mm 75-100mm
125mm 100-125mm

convert to ounces
683g [100mm]
Weight (pair) 1366g [100mm]
Boot Compatibility   ISO 9523 with tech toes
Brakes (mm)   100, 125
BSL Adjustment   28mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   5-12
Lateral Release   5-12
Crampon Ready   Included option
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon reinforced thermoplastic, steel pins
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mixed resort / backcountry skiing, side county, snowmobile accessed skiing
Notes Lighter version of the Kingpin so you don't have to suffer as much
Bottom Line Efficient walkability of a pin toe with the dampening feel of an alpine heel
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Rob
My M-werks toe pieces were mounted without the small crampon receptor points. I do have them available, and would like to install them. Is this as simple as unscrewing the toe piece, placing the crampon receptors down and replacing the toe piece with the original screws + wood glue?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Rob, yes, simple as that!
Answer this question:

Question from david cleaves
would like to get the M- werks with the brakes that range from 100to plan is to use the on a pair of 100 waist skis at first. Then when snow gets deep. I got 110 waist skis. quiver killers on both. I worry about too much brake sticking out on the 100 waist ski, or could I bend the 75 to 100 brake or just go with the 100 to 125 set up. Could you please send a copy of this to my email also. Thanks dave
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi David, no perfect brake width that'll fit both a 100 and a 110 waist well, unfortunately. The 100 brake might bend to fit, but it would be stretching it. If you're already planning on quiver killers, it might be worth picking up an extra pair of brakes to get a good fit on both skis.
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Eric B (used product regularly)
These bindings ski well, and are only ~3oz heavier than a Dynafit Rotation.
Well worth the power from the alpine heel I’d you were going with a burlier binding anyway.

Transitioning is a bit harder than most standard tech bindings since you need to pull a lever under the boot and push the heel down. That being said, with some practice it doesn’t add that much time and can still be done with skis in the bindings.
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Question from Andy
Do the V Werks Kingpin use the same toe piece as the Alpinist? I’d like to use quiver killer inserts to swap heel pieces.
Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, yes it's the same toe.
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Question from justin
I'm looking for the mounting screws for these bindings to add to my repair kit, how can I get some or find out exactly what size they are and try to match at the hardware store?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Justin,
Unfortunately, we don't carry any additional screws for Marker Bindings, but I can give you the dimensions of the screws they use. The toe uses 4 14.5mm flathead screws. while the heel uses 3 11.5mm flathead screws and 2 22mm flatheads to hold on the brakes. All of the screws have a 10mm head diameter.
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Question from Tristan N
Hi folks, is it possible to ski these without the brake? And if so do they come with all the parts needed to do so?… thanks!
Answer from Ian C
Hey Tristan,
Thanks for the question! Since these aren't tech bindings, the brake is integrated into the heel piece such that you will need a brake to lock your heel in while in ski mode. That being said, you can remove the brake to swap in another, or snip the brake arms off.
Answer from Tristan N
Thanks Ian, I had an early version and just couldn’t remember if it was possible or not… definitely not going to snip the arms on a $700+ binding
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Question from Jan
i have an old Dynafit Zzero 3 boot that fits my feet very well and i dont wanna change it. My question is if this boot fits the marker kingpin binding? I read that there are certain boots which do not fit like the tlt 4/5...
Thanks a lot
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jan,

The Dynafit Zzero 3 has full toe and heel welts, which should work with the Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12. However, because the Zzero and the Kingpin were never manufactured at the same time, Marker has not officially confirmed the compatibility of the two.
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Question from Colin Larson
Will the 100mm brake fit a 104 waist ski?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Colin, the 100mm brake should work just fine with that 104mm underfoot ski. You might just have to bend the brakes just slightly in order to accommodate them.
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Question from Jack
If I were to get the M-Werks with the 125mm brakes, I assume I would need to bend the brakes to fit 138mm underfoot skis? Is this 13-15mm adjustment (depending on side clearance) a big ask for these bindings i.e. would it affect the bindings' performance? Thanks very much!
Answer from Cole P
Hey Jack, that would be a big stretch for those brakes. I think it could be done, but it would be close. There will not be any changes in performance in the binding when the brakes are stretched. Hope this helps, and good luck.
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Question from Geroge Smith
Hey, I see that Teddy Young answered the question that the hole pattern for the Kingpin M-Werks 12 is the same as that for the original Kingpin. Now, are the ski brakes swapable between the two as well?

Also, in a similar vein, obviously, the toe pieces for both the Vipec and the Tecton are the same. However, what about the hole pattern for the heel piece? I need to do a swap on these, as well, and I will do it if it involves no new drilling.


George Smith
Stowe, VT
Answer from Jeff
Hello George, Again yes, the brakes are the same too. Marker Pintec.
For the second part of your questions, you can see all mounting patterns here - hole patterns. They are the same.
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Oakley (used product regularly)
The Marker Kingpin is a good compromise for those looking for a bit more safety (more consistent release) from their backcountry setup or for true 50/50 setups where half of the time will be spent in a resort and half spent touring. The new ski/walk mode switch is an improvement over the original, but still not as easy to use in transition as common touring-specific heel pieces like those from Dynafit. The risers put you at good angles for a variety of hill climbing.

For those building a dedicated touring setup who would rank release consistency relatively low compared with weight and usability, a binding like the Dynafit Radical ST or Speed Radical may be a better option and will save you some money.

For those who are building a setup where 80% or more time will be spent in the resort, you may prefer binding with a DIN setting on the toe like the Atomic/Salomon Shift. Again, these are cheaper than the Kingpin.
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Question from Scott Shatalow
Mounting pattern comparable with the old Kingpins? I'd upgrade if it was a simple swap.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Scott, they're the same hole pattern so swap away!
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Model: Kingpin M-Werks 12

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