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Salomon is a French ski and running company that’s been at the forefront of sport since 1947. Much of the design tradition is continued today the the S/Lab facility in Annecy. From it has sprung an impressive skimo collection, with significant input from their star athlete Kilian Jornet.

Salomon MTN 96 Carbon Ski
Following in the footsteps of an older sibling is never easy, especially when they’re handsome, smart, and good at math. Therefore, Salomon had to take great care when replacing the MTN Explore 95, a ski that set an exceptionally high bar. Eager to get ou..
$799.95 $639.96
Salomon S/Lab MTN Summit Boot
“To get down, one first has to get there.” This sage observation from an unnamed but exceptionally handsome staffer here at Skimo Co sums up the age-old conundrum in the backcountry community. That is, one must earn their turns. To help make the battle ag..
$799.95 $639.96
Salomon Shift Ski Crampons
You don’t need ‘em until you do! You know that snow type. Too steep and firm to skin. Too punchy to boot. Ski crampons are the only fix. These shiny widgets from Salomon and Atomic work with the Shift binding. Slide the crampons in from the side and step ..
Salomon Precut Skins
Two mighty brands, Salomon and Colltex, got together to make skins and they couldn’t have done a better job. Pre-trimmed for the sidecut and length of your favorite Salomon ski, all you have to do is peel the backing off, adjust the tail clip, and go ski...
Salomon MTN Explore 88 Ski
Not long ago, finding a touring ski that could confidently lay down a turn at high speeds and maintain some competence on a technical climb was an impossible task. Oh how were are blessed to live in the now. Cut from the same hard-charging cloth (Karuba) ..
$649.95 $419.95
Salomon MTN Lab Helmet
Feel free to open the throttle a little further with the Salomon Mountain (MTN) Lab helmet. The ‘Lab is certified to both alpine skiing and mountaineering standards, so you are better protected if you sketch out. Plus, Salomon was listening to its backcou..
$249.95 From $159.95
Salomon MTN Pure Binding
Salomon’s first tech binding, the MTN. If you think it looks an awful lot like the Atomic Backland, that’s because it is. The companies are related, meaning you can ensure proper color coordination on your setup with identical functionality. If you look g..
Salomon MTN Binding & Brake
Update 2021/22: Salomon is now including leashes with the braked version of this binding. That means this binding is no different than purchasing the brakeless version and adding brakes. In fact, you now have to do just that to buy these: please go to our..
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Salomon Shift MNC 10 Binding
Typically, the "reliability" of a ski binding refers to its consistency of retention and release of your ski boots. When it comes to touring bindings, the Salomon MNC Shift is among the most reliable that you can find, and with a DIN certification to back..
$549.95 $384.93
Salomon MTN Summit 79 Ski
When Salomon's X-Alp ski hit the market back in 2017, it immediately garnered a loyal following for its ability to sprint up the skintrack at near-race speeds, while keeping the descents more fun and playful than we'd assume from a hard-snow-oriented moun..
$749.95 $449.95
Salomon Shift MNC 13 Binding
The alpine-touring “plate” bindings of yesteryear had a knack for being heavy, clunky, and walking very poorly. Dynafit-style tech bindings had a reputation for superb walking performance and low weight but at the price of sacrificing alpine-style release..
$599.95 $419.93
Salomon MTN Carbon S3 Pole
The Salomon MTN Carbon S3 is a versatile, lightweight pole that quickly adapts to varying terrain. This version of the S3 features a low swing weight due to the carbon fiber construction while the extended foam grip lets you quickly choke up while crossin..
Salomon MTN Summit 9 Binding & Brake
What light upon yonder ridgeline breaks? It is the East (face), and the Salomon MTN Summit Binding is the sun. Arise, fair Summit 9, and kill the envious competition, who is already sick and pale with lust for your features, lightweight construction, and ..
$549.95 $439.96
Salomon MTN Summit 12 Binding & Brake
Challenge any summit with the MTN Summit 12 Binding. Built to complement the popular MTN, the MTN Summit 12 includes the easy-to-use brakes and intuitive heel risers found on its sibling. In contrast to the MTN, the Summit 12 has an adjustable lateral rel..
$599.95 $479.96
Salomon MTN Summit Binding
Salomon's MTN Summit Leash bindings have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Compared to its proven MTN Pure sibling, the Summit features a glass-infused polyamide (PA) construction, rearward travel, and adjustable lateral release. While glass-infu..
Salomon QST Echo 106 Ski
Well, it finally happened. Salomon made a QST light enough to bring on longer missions. Working with Mr. Cody Townsend during his famous QUEST to ski the 50 classics, the designers managed to drop the weight of those unnecessary vowels. Behold the QST ECH..
Salomon Heel Pieces
I'm not sure how you just did that, but looks like you need a new heel piece. We've got you covered with our offerings of Salomon heel pieces. If you need a toe, check out our listing for Salomon toes. Salomon MTN Pure Heel Piece - Heel piece, track an..
From $99.95
Salomon Toe Pieces
Things happen, bindings break. Get yourself out on the snow in no time with some shiny new toe pieces from Salomon. If you need heels instead, check out our listing for heel pieces. MTN Pure, Blue x1 - Toe piece for the Salomon MTN binding in the color..
From $139.95
Salomon MTN 86 Pro Ski - Women
It’s time. You’ve just finalized the route for an epic traverse that’s been on the wish list for quite some time and normally you'd start to painstakingly agonize over which skis to bring for the adventure, but with the Salomon MTN 86 W Pro, you can save ..
$649.95 $454.97
Salomon MTN 86 Pro Ski
Despite some widespread misconceptions, lightweight skis aren’t always overly stiff with the ski feel of a 2 x 4 plank. A case in point is the Salomon MTN 86 Pro. When demoing the skis for ourselves, we were blown away by just how damp the skis felt, no d..
$699.95 $454.97
Salomon Shift Pro 110 AT Boot - Women
With a burly four-buckle construction, Gripwalk compatible sole, and solid 110 flex, the Salomon Shift Pro 110 AT W is built primarily for skiing inbounds but can also do side-country laps or the occasional short tour. The benefit of all this beef, then, ..
$699.95 $449.95
Salomon MTN Summit Pure Boot - Women
Salomon has put a lot of time and energy into the “touring” boot category lately, and their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. For the ladies, Salomon made the MTN Summit Pure W. With a 70° range of motion, frictionless pivot, and svelte weight, you know th..
$599.95 From $499.95
Salomon Shift Brakes
Everybody loves “new ski day”. But sometimes “new ski day” also means “new brake day” in order to get your bindings to fit appropriately on your new skis. Find new Salomon brake assemblies for your shiny new skis below. All brakes are sold in pairs. Sh..

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