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SCOTT Precut Skins

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If you subscribe to the mindset of, “Precut skins or bust,” and currently find yourself in possession of select SCOTT skis, then you’re in luck. Matching the perfect curvaceousness of your SCOTT skis, these 65% mohair 35% nylon skins find the right combination of grip, glide, durability and weight for all conditions. The Fiber Seal waterproof material won’t help you get your daily dose of fiber, but will help keep the snow from balling up on your skins (which is just the worst) and protect your glue from the effects of the most universal solvent (water). In addition to providing waterproofing, the Fiber Seal adds some “structure” to the skin, making it easier to manipulate while putting the skin on your ski. The Smart Glue makes sure the skin reliably adheres to your bases while remaining easy to peel off and peel apart for frustration-free transitions. The tip attachment matches up with the tip of your SCOTT ski, and the easy to use elastic tail clip snaps on snappily. The perfect companion to your SCOTT skis on your next adventure is the matching Precut Skins.

  • 65% mohair 35% nylon for the right combination of grip, glide, and durability.
  • Fiber Seal makes the skin 100% waterproof, keeping the adhesive good to go.
  • Laser-cut for crisp, clean edges.
  • Smart Hot-Melt Adhesion keeps the skins on the ski while remaining easy to rip.
  • Speedguide skins use SCOTT Race Clips with Elastic Straps for the tip connection.
  • Superguide skins use the SCOTT Hook System.
  • Adjustable and easy to use tail clip.

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Model: Precut Skins

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