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Lightweight skis may require some unusual mounting tools. For example, some ski specs call for drill bits that are typically used for child skis. Yes, your expensive skinny skis may in fact be designed for children. But hopefully you mount them like an adult by using some of the tools below.

3.5 x 7.5mm Drill Bit - Custom size required for Vapor Svelte and shorter Nano skis (164, 172). Also good for many junior skis.

3.5 x 9.0mm Drill Bit - Step drill bits that can be used with most Movement skis. The 9mm step prevents drilling any deeper.

3.5 x 9.5mm Drill Bit - Nice steel bits that meet the specs of most La Sportiva skis, with the notable exception of Vapor Svelte and shorter Nano skis (164, 172).

3.6 x 9.0mm Drill Bit - This is the bit for Atomic skis with wood cores (including Ultimates), Elan race skis, and folks who like numbers divisible by 0.9.

3.6 x 9.5mm Drill Bit - Black Diamond thinks this is the right bit for putting holes in pre-2020 BD skis. They might know best!

3.8 x 9.0mm Drill Bit - Unusual size preferred by the geniuses at the Trab factory in Bormio. Supplied by the geniuses at Wintersteiger. Also used for Kastle touring skis.

4.1 x 7.5mm Drill Bit - Technically a bit for junior skis, it works great on any thin ski coupled with shallower screws.

4.1 x 9.0mm Drill Bit - The exact specs from most Dynafit, Hagan, & Fischer skis since they have metal plates to drill through.

4.1 x 9.5mm Drill Bit - Some manufacturers like it deep. In this case, they also like metal top plates.

T-Handle Tap - It's recommended to tap the holes for binding screws if they are going through a metal top sheet or reinforcement plate. If you need a 4.1mm wide bit, you will most likely want to tap before screwing with this sharp Wintersteiger tool, unless you like screws with mangled threads.

Torx 20 Tool - Handy T20 driver bit for reaching and turning Dynafit binding screws that are often tucked in close to the housings. Made by Dynafit.

Radical 2 Adjustment Tool - Dynafit's tool for adjusting Radical 2 bindings.

Quiver Killers - Look here.

Hardman Epoxy - The orange double bubble is a slow cure epoxy with a very high shear strength. Flexible, tough, and vibration resistant, this is for bomber mounts and inserts. Cures grey despite being named orange and comes with a mixing stick. 18 hour full cure with a 4 hour work time which is great for anal folks like us. 3.5g per pack, enough for a mount.

Plastic Hole Plug - Little bit of shaped plastic that can be stuffed into a 4.1mm wide drill hole. Insert with epoxy for a water-tight seal. Usually black.

** Please note that you should always double check the specs on your skis and ask the manufacturer if in doubt. Make sure the bit isn't longer than the depth of your skis. Some race bindings have shorter screws so you can get away with shorter bits (e.g. 7.0 or 7.5mm steps).

***Drill bits are from both Wintersteiger and Sun Valley Ski Tools. Based on availabilty.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Todd F
Purchased some Kreuzspitze Dynafit SL2 plates from you guys for my superlight 2.0s to be mounted onto BD Helio 116s and 88s. What bit(s) do I need to mount the plates and other items do you recommend?
Answer from Jeff
Todd, for the Helios the 3.6 x 9.5 will do it.
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Question from Richard
I’m about to mount Salomon STH2 bindings on a pair of Elan Ripstick 96’s. I have a 4.1x9.5 drill bit, but I’m afraid this is overkill since there is no metal in that ski, just carbon tubes. Is 3.6x9.5 the drill bit size I need? Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Richard, you are right. A 3.5 or 3.6 is what we use for skis with no metal.
Answer from Richard V
I used a 3.6 x 9.0 drill bit and it worked out perfectly. Thanks! I just registered.
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Question from Josh
Hi, I'm mounting some Look SPX 12 Dual WTR B120 bindings on a pair of Faction dictator 3.0's, the topsheet of the ski says to use a 4.1x9mm drill bit, but I've only got a 4.1x9.5mm drill bit, will this be alright, or will that penetrate too deep?
Answer from Jeff
Josh, The extra .5mm will likely be OK, though it's always best to follow the manufacturer recommendations.
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Question from Jesse
Hi I’m remounting some plum race 150s on a pair of hagan ultras. I’m trying to figure out the

A) the heel spacing at the heel. I read 4mm online, but can’t confirm.

B) what drill bit would I use to drill the new holes?

C) If I decide to use quiver killers... what would I use for that? Would that replace the above drill bit?

D) If 4mm is the right spacing it looks like I can reuse two of the drilled holes. Is that ok to do?

Any advice would be rad!
Answer from jbo
Hi Jesse,
A) Yes it's 4mm. See here for more info.
B) It should be marked on the ski, but likely 4.1x9 for the Ultras.
C) Look at the QK install kit, which could replace or supplement the above bit.
D) Depends on the ski and it's condition.
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Question from Matt W
Mounting some G3 Ion LT to some G3 Synapse 101 (Carbon). Nothing on the topsheet of the skis... can you recommend a drill bit size?
Answer from jbo
Hi Matt, we haven't carried G3 skis, but I believe most models have a metal topsheet and call for a 4.1x9 bit.
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Question from liming z
If I try to install quiver killers on my Dynafit speedfit 84 for my speed turn 2.0 binding and I comes up as below:
1) 4.1 x 9.0mm Drill Bit
2) T-Handle Tap (for quiver killers)?
3) Hardman Epoxy (one pack for 8 quiver killers ?)
4) 8 quiver killers
I already have some fastener kit for my speed turn 2.0.
could you verify for me this list is good enough?
Answer from jbo
Hi liming, for two skis you will need 16 quiver killers. To install quiver killers, you will need the drill bit and install tool, or whole kit, found here.
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Question from Chris Loda
What size drillbit do I use for atomic back land 102 skis
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris! Not entirely sure actually! It should say on the topsheet of the ski though! It should be between 3.5mm and 4.1mm by about 9mm long.
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Question from thoma h
I just purchased last years Movement Alp tracks LT 106 from you guys. Im getting ready to mount them and wondering what 3.5 drill bit to get. On this page you say the 3.5x9.0 just double checking before I put the bit in them.

Thanks again, Love the site and how helpful you guys are.

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Thomas! 3.5x9.0 will work on those skis!
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Question from Zach
I notice you don't specify which drill bit would be a 'workhorse' bit, or the classic one I could find in most shops. I've had good success in the past with whichever that bit may be...
For what it's worth, I'll be using it on a couple pairs of Praxis skis. One will have carbon fiber and one will not.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Zach! Thanks for reaching out! We don't list the workhorse bit because manufacturer vary their recommendations based on the construction. It's best to defer to the particular ski model to make the decision.
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Question from Anthony

I see that Atomic specs the 3.6mm bit for their ultimate skis. I'm mounting a pair of the Ultimate 65s and already have a stepped 3.5mm bit. Any reason to think that 0.1mm would make a difference? Normally I'd not even think about it but since race skis are already pushing it strength wise......Thanks!

Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, it's hard to imagine 0.1mm would make the difference between success and failure, but I have no proof either way.
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Question from Alastair Brunton
Hi there!

Do you have any 3.6mm bits in stock or can you recommend where I can get them?

Answer from jbo
Hi Alastair, we should have more arriving today! Worst case tomorrow. I put them up for pre-order if you want to grab one, thanks.
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