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Atomic Backland 95 Ski

Brand: Atomic
Model: Backland 95
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Rare is the time we sacrifice peak-bagging prowess for pure power on the descent, but luckily with the Backland 95, you don’t have to. Borrowing geometry cues from Atomic’s larger powder skis and core construction secrets from its lighter-weight brethren, the Backland 95 is a big mountain ski put on a substantial diet. Or maybe a mountaineering ski that was put on a fattening diet? We're not certain. What is certain though is the Backland 95 brings substantial influence from both free-ride touring and ski mountaineering to create a ski that is capable of it all. A free-rider's spring ski, a mountaineer's powder ski, maybe your only ski. At any rate, the lightweight Poplar and Caruba core keeps things light and powerful while a full-length sidewall increases durability and edge-hold. The tip is spooned on the sides to make turning a breeze. The Backland 95 is Atomics' contender for the quiver-of-one.

  • AT Tip 2.0 is shaped to reduce hooky tips in challenging snow, allowing you to ski the way you want to no matter the conditions.
  • HRZN Tech is a lateral tip rocker (think of a spoon) that increases effective surface area in the tip for increased flotation, decreased deflection, and easy turn-initiation.
  • Carbon Backbone increases power transfer, dampens vibrations, and keeps the ski light.
  • Full sidewall increases edge-grip in steep, firm snow while reducing chatter and vibrations at high speed.
  • Ultra-Light Woodcore is the Poplar and Caruba backbone in the Backland 95.
Lengths (cm) 169cm
-> ounces
1255g [169cm]
1350g [177cm]
1455g [185cm]
Weight (pair) 2510g [169cm]
2700g [177cm]
2910g [185cm]
Dimensions 125-95-113.5 [169cm]
126.5-95-115 [177cm]
128-95-116.5 [185cm]
Turn Radius 17m [169]
18m [177]
19m [185]
Skin Fix Tip notch, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Rocker tip 15%, camber 85%
Shape AT Tip 2.0, tapered tail
Construction HRZN Tech, Carbon Backbone
Core Poplar and Caruba wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder hunting, quiver of one
Notes Tip is spooned laterally to ease turn-initiation
Bottom Line Easy to ski, all-around confidence inspiring
Question from Scott Shatalow
would these be a comparable replacement for some dps wailer 99’s? Just wrecked a pair that were just mounted with ski trab vario.2’s that I got from you guys (best binding yet)
Answer from TSB
Hey Scott, I wouldn't necessarily point you in the direction of the Backland 95 unless you were looking for a much more directional, powerful, and traditionally-cambered ski than your Wailer 99 banana-boats! The Voile Hyper V6 is probably the closest competitor to the Wailer's playful, surf-able demeanor. Or, if you wanted to go a little bit more traditional and gain some edging ability without losing DPS' smooth flex, you could consider the Cassiar 95.
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Question from Robin

I'm 6" and 230 pounds (183cm / 105kg) looking for a new touring ski. I will only be used for touring with an light pin binding, ATK HR 2.0 or Dynafit Superlight and some TLT6P.

I have about 20-25 days of touring each season and about the same amount of inbound days (with other skis)

The backland 95 have caught my eye and i really like everything when i look at the technical spec.

I would like to go for the 177 length to save some weight and a bit easier handling in kick-turns etc.
BUT I'm a bit afraid that my weight will be a problem if i choose the shorter length.

Do you guys have an opinion regarding the 177 vs 185 ?

Best regards
Answer from TSB
Hi Robin, thanks for reaching out! Great choice on the Backland 95s, they are a blast to ski. I would say that the 185cm is your ski if you like hunting for deep snow, frequently break trail, and enjoy skiing downhill at inadvisably high speeds. Meanwhile, the 177 would slot in better if this is going to be your skiing-off-of-summits, long objectives, technical descents choice. Just as you say, a shorter ski will be quicker into and out of kick turns, and much easier to put on your pack during bootpacks. You'll also have more facility in tight turning situations and when jump-turning. Since the Backland 95 has a pretty stiff tail, I don't think your weight would rule out the 177 as an option. You can't go wrong either way -- just depends on your intended usage! Don't hesitate to hit us up at help@skimo.co for a more detailed conversation.
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Question from Joe
Is the ATOMIC BACKLAND 95 ski bottom surface seamless, one peace from tail to tip? Thank you, Joe.
Answer from eric
Joe- There is a seam across the ski about where the rocker starts. So not one piece.
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Question from Alan
Can these skis be mounted with telemark bindings, and how do they perform on tele?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Alan! I definitely haven't heard of a restriction. I haven't skied them tele, but they are a medium-stiff ski with a ton of camber, so they are definitely very poppy.
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Question from Al T
Hi- which skins does atomic make for these skis and what do you think of them. Thanks
Answer from Nate
Hi Al T, Atomic is sourcing their skins through Contour. The precut skins for this ski are a high quality mohair featuring the Hybrid adhesive. They are very nice.
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Question from Al T
Hi- any idea how this ski stacks up against the volkl bmt 94? I'm on the 94s and really like them, but these are lighter and I'd be interested if they skied as well at less weight. I like the mid 90s size for a daily driver all arounder. Thanks
Answer from Nate
Hi AI T, I can't say exactly the differences between this ski and the BMT 94 but I will tell you that this ski has been universally well liked by everyone we have put it on. It's one of the best skiing 95mm touring skis out there, regardless of weight class.
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by Robert (downright abused product)
Quiver-killer skis that are easy to skin or carry uphill, and that are ear-to-ear grin fun and confidence inspiring on the way back down any slope.

In Powder: The tips of this ski never dive or deflect, and the ample camber provides excellent rebound for finishing each turn and initiating the next.

On Hardpack: Tenacious edge grip allows for high angle, high speed, hip-dragging carves.

On Refrozen Death Chunder: The ski absorbs rough icy snow extremely well, the camber and light-weight make it easy to quickly move from edge to edge, and the rockered and horizon-shaped tips don't easily snag on frozen snow goblins.

On Corn: Sublime

On the Steep Slopes: The sidecut and flex profile provide such a stable platform, that I honestly forget how steep a couloir is until I hit the mellow apron. This ski allows for aggressive turns on steep and firm slopes with excellent grip and the right amount of stiffness for support from tip to tail.

In wet heavy snow, or when skiing low density powder during low tide conditions, I prefer a fatter ski with more tail rocker to float and slash on the surface, but in those conditions the Backland 95 still offers excellent performance.

I am 5'7", 170lbs, ski almost daily, and ski the 177cm length paired with the Atomic Backland Tour bindings and Movement Alp Tracks Performance boot.
Reply from Michael C
where did you mount? on the line (-11cm of true centre) or forward. -11 on a 177cm is veryyyy directional.
Reply from RobertC
Michael C,

I mounted on the line, and in soft snow I need to keep my posture low and aggressive to keep the skis afloat in grabby snow.
Reply from Caleb G
How do you like those Movement Alp Tracks boots? I’m considering the free tour boot but can’t find much info or reviews...
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Question from Matt
How would you compare this ski between Salomon MTN 95?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Matt! The Backland 95 seems more like a powerful bruiser and the MTN Explore 95 is more of a technique-based steep or powder ski. If you wanna go fast and charge, the Backland 95 is probably your ticket. If you want to go fast in soft snow and like to execute some technical turns on hard snow, the MTN Explore 95 is probably more up your alley.
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Question from Pablo
What about Skins and the HRZN tech tips?
Doesn't do this tech a way for snow to slide in between skin ant tip?
Answer from jbo
Hi Pablo, good thought. The uplifted tips are off to the side and not underneath the skin material when using the race-notch. If you adapt other skins, I suppose it depends on how you cut them, but I would not leave any material way out on the red part of the tips.
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