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With a name like Hyper Charger, you’d expect the graphics to resemble something off the Millennium Falcon. Fortunately, Voile resisted that temptation, but they could not resist putting their Paulownia and carbon core into the wildly popular Super Charger chassis. Ironically, the result is a lot like the Millennium Falcon: a high-performance platform made nimble and quick by hyper technology; that can easily travel to the far reaches despite its appearance. Voile early rise tip shape, camber underfoot, and mid-100’s waist width makes the Hyper Charger a strong selection for a versatile ski in soft to variable conditions. It also has the ability to remain fun if things firm up unexpectedly…though you may have to use the Force.

  • Voile Early Rise technology fuels versatile performance.
  • 2mm edges and black ptex bases complete a durable package.
  • Comes with a free Wookie (Wookie not included).

Update 2022/23: This classic Utah meatball got an updated topsheet. Now its a Classic Spicy Utah meatball!

Lengths (cm) 171, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1280g [171]
1400g [178]
1500g [185]
Weight (pair) 2560g [171]
2800g [178]
3000g [185]
Dimensions   137-104-121 [171]
140-106-124 [178]
143-108-126 [185]
Turn Radius   18.5m [171]
19.5m [178]
20m [185]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Voile Early Rise tip & tail w/ camber underneath
Shape   Rounded tip, medium radius, easy to turn
Construction   Polyamide cap
Core   Paulownia wood and carbon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Big days of powder laps
Notes Very stable at speed
Bottom Line Big gun in a lightweight package
Compare to other High-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Mark H (downright abused product)
I have 2.5 seasons on the Hyper Chargers (185, paired with Dynafit TLT 8 Expeds), and I can't say enough good things about this ski. They are crazy light, especially for the width, and really shine breaking trail in deep snow. The downhill performance is amazing, they of course rock the soft and deep, but what really surprised me is the excellent performance on crud, smunge, and hard pack. They do not ski like a light ski, in that they are very stable and confidence inspiring. They do ski like a light ski, in that they are super nimble and easy to throw around if needed. It must be magic. I trust the H-Chargers so much that I no longer grab a different ski if the conditions are unknown or suspected to be mank. They also seem to be durable, surviving rock hits and early season abuse with little to show. I mention this because other skis I own seem to core shot on every little hit. I bought my wife a pair, and she was instantly in love (with the skis).
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Zach W (used product regularly)
The chargiest Voile ski = a phenomenal powder touring ski. I am 5'8", 150 lbs, advanced skier but self-taught, tour 100+ days per year. These skis are light, moderately damp, nimble in tight spaces, have a huge sweet spot, and maintain stability in big turns.

I view owning a powder ski as an important safety precaution. When the danger is high and you're stuck under 30*, you need a ski that can float and keep the speed up in low angle terrain. Otherwise - stuck on a stiff, narrow mountaineering ski - you will seek out steeper terrain, which will eventually get you in trouble. A lightweight powder touring ski is the first ski I would get in a backcountry quiver for this reason.

I got the 171 cm and mounted +1 with ATK trofeos. The ski is equally comfortable making dinky Wasatch wiggles as it is driving big turns. It's not going to straightline on hard snow, but for the quiver slot - powder touring, generally low angle or deep snow - it is more than adequate at speed, even at +1. Best with a centered stance, which feels locked in, but can be skied in the backseat.

Fantastic ski.
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Alec Spottiswood (used product a few times)
I have been beyond satisfied with this ski. Turns are effortless and easy, making me want to go lap after lap.
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Question from Kam
How do these compare to the Supercharger? I really love that ski, and am deciding whether to go lighter with the Hypercharger as a replacement, or to just stick with what I love.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Kam,

The Super Charger and Hyper Charger have the same shape. The primary difference comes from the core materials. The Hyper Charger uses Paulownia to lighten things up. Compared with the Aspen core of the Super Charger, it will be a little less damp and a little less adept at absorb variable crud. However, Paulownia still provides plenty of energy and a playful feel at a lighter weight!
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Question from Eli
How do these skis hold up to air time? I snapped the G3 findr 102s in half, so I'm just curious if the Voiles would be more or less stiff/stable on high impact.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Eli. While there are limits to every ski, Voile is one of the more durable brands that specialize in backcountry skiing. Unless you find yourself regularly doing 30-foot cliffs to awful landings, the Super Charger should hold up to hard skiing. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
Answer from Will
I've murdered these things in some pretty disgusting ski mountaineering conditions including 4,000' of chicken heads from the summit of Mt. Hood. I also did some laps off a kicker with them (totally not designed for this) on a city snow day. Thought I would snap them in half but they're good as new. I'd say they're pretty dang durable.
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Question from John
Riddle me this skimo, my quiver is sportiva svelte 178, bd Helio 115 186. Svelte for the more serious stuff up high and Helios for the daily Backcountry driver. Thing is, I had a pair of v8's before and holy smokes, they were just so fun. Could the hyper charges be an all in one? Can I count on them when things get serious and yet get a little "more" fun out of my turns?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, John. Stereotypically, Voile skis are more apt to have fun than a comparable ski from a different brand. The Hyper Charger is Voile's offering aimed at folks who want to arc big turns down the fall line. While it won't be nearly as "fun" as the V8, it will be on the more playful side for this type of ski. Everyone has a different definition of fun, however, for what you've described the Hyper Charger seems like good option. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from carol
I have an old pair of dynafit stokes and am thinking of replacing these with womens hyperchargers - how would you say the comparison is?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Carol,

To compare Dynafit Stoke and the Voile Hyper Charger Womens, the Dynafit Stoke is a less responsive ski with a longer turn radius. In contrast, the Voile Hyper Charger Women is a playful and turny ski that is more forgiving. If you would like to speak in more detail, reach out to us at!
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Question from Doug F
Hi Ski-mo - I’m considering replacing a pair of beat up BD Helio 105’s with the Voile Hyper-charger and am hoping you can help me with a few questions:
- The dimensions of the Hyper Charger are stouter, especially at the shovel. How would these compare to the Helio 105’s?. Do the Hyper-chargers perform in spring conditions or would you consider them purely a mid-winter pow hunter?
- Would you know the straight-pull length of the 185 Hyper Chargers?
Thanks as always, much appreciated
Answer from TSB
Hey Doug, thanks for reaching out! The Hyper Chargers are a great replacement for the Helio 105 as far as ski dimensions go, but the two skis have fairly different on-snow feel. The short answer is that what the Hyper Charger lacks in top-end speed and edging power, it makes up for in versatility and easy skiing. If you love the way the Helio 105 wants to point downhill and descend with great haste, then the Hyper Charger isn't the ski for you -- but if you want a ski that can make short-radius turns as well as blasting down the fall line, then it's a great option. The Hyper Charger is definitely the most straight-line-happy, hard-charging ski of the Voile line, but at the end of the day it is still in the Voile family: easy-turning in most conditions, powder-loving, happy to go with the flow of your skiing and the snow available. It'd be a solid corn ski (though a little wider than needed) that could still deal with some icy hardpack in the early mornings, and straight-pull length on the 185cm is 184.5cm.
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Question from Rob McLeod
I'm considering purchasing 1 of 2 skis, the movement Alp tracks 106 lt or the voile hyper charger. I'm considering the 185 in either ski, and I'm 6 foot 3 inches, and weigh 185 lbs. I currently ski the dynafit dhaulgiri, and find it's performance in less than ideal powder conditions to be unpredictable.

I intend to ski whichever ski I get primarily in powder conditions, but I'm looking for a replacement for the dhauligiri that handles those non-perfect- powder conditions in a more user friendly manner.

Can you comment on how these 2 skis might meet my needs? Any pros or cons you have with either ski, etc
Answer from TSB
Hey Rob, thanks for reaching out! Both the AlpTracks 106 and Hyper Charger ski variable chop and hard snow quite well by the standard of wide-body powder skis, so you've got two great options. The main difference in feel that we detect between the two is that the AlpTracks can be skied from a variety of stances (front seat, back seat, perfectly balanced, slightly off balance) while the Hyper Charger really likes a more frontseat, aggressive, "run-and-gun" stance. Some of this comes down to mount point (Alp Tracks more forward-mounted than Hyper Charger), some to sidecut, and some to differential stiffness between tip and tail. The Hyper Charger is also a pinch damper and more amicable on refrozen chunder, while the Alp Tracks gets high marks for its energetic, "poppy" feel.

Coming from the Dhaulagiri, you would find both skis to be quite different, but the flatter tail of the Hyper Charger may be more your speed if you liked the Dhaulagiri's early-rise tip/flat-tailed profile. You might also consider skiing the 177cm/178cm length in the newer skis; I'm your same height/weight and find the 177/178 to be plenty of ski for everything except for, well, January in the Wasatch. :-)

Hope that helps -- don't hesitate to reach out to for a more in-depth response!
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Model: HyperCharger

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