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Does a dawn patrol mean at least 4-5000 feet of climbing? Do you want to ski lines in multiple drainages in one day? Weighing in around the 200-gram mark, the ATK Kuluar 9 LT should be the lightweight speed tourer's weapon of choice. As you begin your day, you’ll notice the efficient race flaps. When the skinner gets steep, you’ll happily enjoy the fact that such a lightweight binding has a second riser, available by rotating the heel 180°. Should you take a spill and lose a ski, the included Kevlar core leash will keep the ski from sliding to the bottom. As you descend in style, the spring-loaded heel allows 10mm of fore and aft travel in case you bottom out on a drop. You’ll also appreciate the 20mm of adjustment in the heel that accommodates multiple boots, the removable crampon receptor, and adjustable lateral release. Rest assured that you'll have everything you need and nothing you don't. With critical features and a bantamweight build coming from a renowned binding manufacturer, you can trust that the ATK Kuluar 9 LT will keep you touring for years.

  • 20mm of heel adjustability allows the use of multiple pairs of boots.
  • A flat mode and two riser heights allow you to stay moving efficiently.
  • Included kevlar core leash keeps your ski from running away in case of a binding release.
  • Convenient race flap lends itself to quick transitions, flipping over completely for a high riser.
  • A spring-loaded heel track will absorb those drops without a pre-release.
  • Also available with a 12 release spring.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 428g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   Leashes
BSL Adjustment   20mm
Riser Heights   2 + Flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   4-9
Crampon Ready   Included option
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, stainless steel, POM
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring until the street lights go on
Notes Faster transitions with race flap
Bottom Line Generously featured binding at an exceptional weight
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Zoe
Is this binding adjustable in length once mounted? I might need to use them with a different pair of boots later on(the two pairs of boots will be close in length)
Answer from Emmett I

Yep, they have 20mm of adjustment when mounted.
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Question from petere

which has a higher heel riser option the ATK Kuluar or the ATK crest?

Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Petere, they are almost exactly the same at +51mm off the toe pins. We've got the riser heights of many bindings listed here.
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Question from Kevin
I can’t tell if the first riser position is meant to be the metal flap flipped over the heel pins, or this configuration turned 180 degrees (in this case the boot heel comes to rest on the silver part of the binding, rather than the blue flap. ) please advise. Also is there an effective way to turn the heel tower with a pole?
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Kevin,
The first riser position is either the blue flap flipped over the heel pins or the heel turned 180 degrees. They're both the same height. If you think you'll be using the second riser position (the blue flap flipped back away from the heel pins with the heel rotated 180 degrees), then spin the heel to get to the first riser position. If you won't need the second riser on a climb, it'll be faster to use the blue flap to cover the heel pins.

The simplicity of this binding makes turning it with your pole pretty difficult. Much easier to just turn it with your hand.
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Question from Erin
Any thoughts on using this binding as someone who normally skis at a DIN of 5 or 6? I like that the lateral release can be adjusted as needed but wouldn't skiing with a lateral release of 5 and a vertical release of 9 make for really strange release characteristics?
Answer from Jeff
Hello Erin, The majority of releases are lateral, so that is the more important. Having a fixed vertical release, for the most part, will not affect that. I liken Vertical releases as stopping Dead in your tracks, or Hitting a wall. So those have a pretty high force that you will release readily.
Answer from Maya A
Hi Erin, I am also looking for light weight skimo binding with vertical release at 5-6din. Check out Dynafit Low Tech Race - the Guuru said they release at light pressure)
Answer from jbo
Hi Maya, that does not sound correct, and more also, which LTR? There have been many bindings with that name.
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Question from Ben
I assume ATK uses the same U-springs in these as the Trofeo bindings. My question is: does the Kuluar 9 use the heel spring from the R6 or R8 Trofeo?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Ben, the Kuluar release values differ in our tests from the Trofeo, so it appears to be a different u-spring.
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Question from Annie
What is the difference between the Kuluar 9 LT and the Haute Route? Any major performance differences?

Answer from Ian C
Hi Annie! These are both lighter touring bindings made by ATK so they will have a similar overall performance. I would say the main advantage of the Haute Routes is their fully adjustable vertical release, whereas the Kuluar vertical release is fixed at a fairly stiff value. The machining on the toes is a little different but nothing major.

On the other hand, the Kuluar has elastic heel travel, which is a feature the Haute Routes lack. Let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Rikard Tvedby
Hi. I was wondering if the LT version is the same as the binding just without brakes. In other words, can I buy the version with brakes and then choose not to mount the brakes?

Answer from Will McD
Hi Rikard,
The LT version comes with a brake seat pad installed where the brakes would usually be, this is what you would be missing if you got the not-LT version and mounted it without the brakes, though it is sold separately. The brake seat cover protects the spot where the brakes attach and also prevents snow and ice from building up, so it is nice to have but is not necessary for the binding to be functional.
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Question from Tim
Do Dynafit-style crampons fit or do you have to go ATK?

How would you compare this with the Plum Oazo 8? Looks like the same weight, similar build, but this Kuluar gets 10mm of elastic travel in the heel. Seems like a big winner.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Tim,
Yes you can use Dynafit crampons with this binding!

As far as the elastic travel goes, you likely won't notice it when you're skiing it. This binding is mounted with a gap just like the Oazo and the travel is designed so that you don't damage the binding if you manage to really overflex the ski. I personally like the Oazo since you can access both riser heights without turning the binding, and I also happen to like the Plum crampons a little better than the Dynafit crampons. But other than those minor differences they are very comparable bindings, and I think this one is an excellent choice--especially if you're a fan of Dynafit-style crampons.
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