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The Radical FT binding has set the standard for freeride tech bindings. If you are above average in size or just love slaying big lines while watching your uphill weight, the Radical FT was made for you. Featuring a shock-absorbing carbon plate and release values that crank up to 12, these bindings are built to take some abuse. But they tip the scales at only 603 grams (21.3 ounces) each, roughly half the weight of your average non-tech alpine touring binding.

  • Carbon plate that runs toe to heel provides additional torsional rigidity to fatter freeride skis.
  • Heel piece adjusts a full 25mm forward and back, helping your mount adapt to a 3 mondo-size range of boots.
  • Brakes come in 110mm and 130mm widths, and feature a glide plate to help reduce boot sole friction for a smoother lateral release.
  • Vertical (forward) and lateral release values are adjustable from 5-12, letting you dial into your skiing style.
  • Speed Step climbing bar offers 2 riser heights in addition to flat, using the Radical flip design which can be operated with a ski pole on the move.
  • New Power Towers on the toe piece protects from side-impact-induced pre-release while easing your step in.
  • Lift plates under the toe and heel spread power across a wide surface area of your ski, improving stability and control.
  • Fits Dynafit ski crampons perfectly with a newly designed toe piece slot that is easier to slide in and out.

Radical FT vs Radical ST

The FT features a full length carbon plate that adds torsional rigidity and features an automatic shock absorber. Under serious flex, such as big landing, the locking mechanism will engage which turns the rear rubber pieces into dampeners that will stiffen your ski. A more natural flex will reappear after you stick the landing. The FT release value range is also higher at 5-12 compared to the ST version at 4-10, and the lift plates are slightly wider to accommodate fatter skis. When it comes to grams, you are adding 57 each with the FT, or 2.0 ounces per ski.

Radical FT vs Vertical FT

As noted in our Dynafit Radical vs Vertical article, the Radical / Vertical distinctions are many. The toe piece side towers on the Radicals are easier to step into and provide some impact protection, while the heel piece features Speed Step risers instead of requiring binding rotation to adjust your heel height. While the release values go to 12 on both, the carbon connection plate on the Radicals has a shock absorber to help with those big airs. These features come at a cost of $50 and an additional 60-70 grams per binding, depending on the brake sizes involved, over the Vertical FT.

convert to ounces
603g [110mm]
Weight (pair) 1206g [110mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   110, 130
BSL Adjustment   25mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   5-12
Lateral Release   5-12
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, CrMo & stainless steel, high-strength plastic, Hexcel carbon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry freeriding
Notes Shock absorbing plate stiffens the ski on landings
Bottom Line The standard bearer for freeride tech bindings
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Andrew
I broke the brake completely off one of my radical FT’s. Is it possible to purchase a new brake system?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Andrew, we no longer stock Radical FT Brakes or Plates. Occasionally one may pop up on our Used Dynafit Parts page. Or, you can get a Radical ST Brake / Plate and mount your FT heel housing on the turret. The FT and ST heel housings are the same. Note this will require some custom modification on the full length baseplate attaching the toe and heel on the FT.
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Question from Thomas Christian
Hello, it looks like you are out of Radical ST heal pieces. If I order two Rotaion 10 heal pieces would that work with the radical base/brake plate? I know the speed turn heal would work but would not hold down the brake.

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately, Dynafit ST Rotation heel pieces are not compatible the the Radical FT baseplate. If you would like more help troubleshooting a binding solution, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Forrest
Looks like these don't fit some modern boots between 340 - 350, as well as any monstrosity longer than 350, you guys ever mount one outside of the per-determined spacing to go larger? looking at mounting with a different toe shim and cutting the rear track after the brake, any thoughts on why I shouldn't do that? Thanks!
Answer from eric
Thanks for your question, Forrest! You can cut out the plastic plate and mount them as far apart as you'd like without affecting the structural integrity of the binding. Mounting with a shim will change the  delta. Please feel free to reach out with any more questions. Happy mounting!
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Question from Jack
Hey Guys. I broke and need to replace a Dynafit Radical FT Binding heal. I removed the brakes a few years ago. What heal can I replace this with w/o a brake? The speed radical? Thank!
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Jack, thanks for reaching out! Email us a few photos at, and we'll try to find what heel unit will work best for you!
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Question from Rando Richard
I recently picked up this pair of Radicals 2nd hand for my daughter. As you can see, one heel has been replaced with a newer version (what vintage is the newer one?), but BOTH heel pieces rotate when in uphill mode when in step 1. Frustrating. Will the $30 Radical Antitwist Locks do the trick, as compared to the more expensive Speed Antitwist Base units? Does an in-store purchase of the Radical Antitwist Lock include installation?
Answer from jbo
Hi Rando Richard, these are not Speed bindings, but Radical FT. You just need a set of rotation locks which you can screw onto the brakes yourself.
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Question from dave
Can these be mounted without the brakes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, these are designed to be used only with brakes. You will likely have the heel spinning on you when skinning otherwise.
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Question from Ken
Can you change the brakes on a Dynafit FT binding?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ken! Sure can, but it involves unmounting the baseplates and swapping housings. The brakes can be found here and are sold individually.
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Question from Alan

What are all the screws that I would need to do a full replacement for these bindings?

The help is very much appreciated.

Thank you,
Answer from jbo
Hi Allen, you need eight Pan head Torx screws and eight 19mm Torx screws found here.
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Question from Chris
what is the adjustability range? in mondo sizes

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris! Depends on the exact boots you're trying to accommodate as each boot's mondo sizing corresponds with a different length. Generally the rule of thumb is that a boot increases 10mm in length for every size you go up which means this binding has 2.5 sizes worth of usable range if you mount it correctly. All the nitty gritty details are found under the "Specs" tab of this page.
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Question from ng224
Hi, have you mounted these without the shock plate? Any suggestion on filling the gap under the toe piece if I was going to?
Answer from jbo
Hi ng224, yes you can mount it without the front half of the connector plate that comes out of the toe piece. The baseplate under the toe is a separate piece that you would still mount. There is a gap at the back of that baseplate that could fill with snow; you might rather use ST toe plates instead.
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Question from Bryan
Lots of questions about the brakes. :-D If I come into the shop (I live in Utah) can you bend them for me? Thanks
Answer from Rebekah S
Hi Bryan,

If you come by the shop we'd be happy to bend the brakes for you, and answer any questions you have!
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Question from Jason
I see you've got the 110 brakes in stock for the radical FT. Can I buy these 130 and a pair of 110, have you swap the brakes, and refund me a credit for the 130 brakes?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jason, unfortunately we're not offering credit on the 130 brakes right now (made this exact same swap a few too many times).
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Question from Geoff
What year is this model?
Answer from jbo
Hi Geoff, these are from the 2015/16 season.
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Question from Doug
What is the gap setting for the radical FT please? Is it 5.5mm?
Answer from jbo
Hi Doug, yes it is 5.5mm. For more info, see our article on <a hre='/tech-binding-heel-gaps'>heel gaps</a>.
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Question from stanfrec
Can the brakes be swapped out - i.e. if I have a pair with 130mm brakes can I buy 110mm brakes and mount them instead?
Answer from jbo
Hi stanfrec, yes sir. The brakes can be swapped, send us an e-mail for a how-to sheet.
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Question from BPQ
Assuming these are the new version with forward pressure, what is the heel gap that should be used? Is it the standard 5.5mm, or should there be a smaller gap? I've read some conflicting info elsewhere on the interwebs.
Answer from jbo
Hi BPQ. Yes these are all the latest edition with the heel springs. I'm not sure forward pressure is the right term, but they slide backwards if your boot collides with the housing during ski flex. The gap is still the standard 5.5mm.
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Travis (used product a few times)
Love how stout they are--but clean your boot soles and clear of snow for pete's sake! I had quite the day at Alpental last year popping out of my bindings every two seconds with just enough pow to keep the breaks from working. Not everyday can be perfect.
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Model: TLT Radical FT

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