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Key Equipment Disruptive Splitboard Boot


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Dissatisfied with available options and tired of continually modifying alpine touring boots with mixed results, Key Equipment set out to create a purpose-built splitboarding boot that offered the best of both soft and hard boots. After many prototypes and extensive testing, Key Equipment is proud to introduce the Disruptive boot. Combining the damp and plush characteristics of a soft boot with the technical precision and responsiveness of a hard boot, Key Equipment is confident that the Disruptive is the best splitboarding boot out there for long days in the backcountry. As a testament to this, these are the boots Krister Kopala uses when tackling seriously big lines.

Sharing many characteristics of the boots we know and love here at Skimo Co., the Disruptive won't hold you back on big vertical days. It offers a large range of motion and low-friction cuff pivots, helping make short work on grueling ascents. The shell is designed to be laterally stiff, helping you keep pressure on the edges of your splitboard, thereby increasing grip on icy skintracks. On the down, Key Equipment has tuned the Disruptive to feel like a soft boot in a medium-stiff binding with a supportive ankle strap. The adjustable forward lean can easily be switched without tools and allows you to find your ideal stance.

Striving for longevity in their products, Key Equipment designed the Disruptive to be repairable and offers an array of parts aimed to keep your boots in service for many seasons of fun. This helps lessen the boot's impact while also allowing you to save money. This is a win-win if you ask us!

Designed for splitboarders that want the efficiency of a hard boot with the downhill feel of a soft boot, the Disruptive is a unique offering that is sure to elevate your backcountry experience.

  • Low-friction cuff pivots provide nearly frictionless cuff rotation, increasing efficiency on big days.
  • Lateral stiffness helps keep pressure on the edges while skinning, helping with traction while side-hilling.
  • Damp and progressive flex provides excellent downhill mannerisms.
  • Tool-free forward lean quick adjustment lets you adapt to the terrain as needed.
  • Replacement tongues and parts mean these boots will be with you for a long time.
  • Top part of the cuff is softer to reduce calf bite, increasing comfort on big days out.
  • Luxurious liner from Palau provides a truly custom fit.
  • 100% made in France for a quality build from start to finish.
convert to ounces
1382g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2764g [27.5]
Buckles   2
Boot Sole Length   259mm [23.5/24]
269mm [24.5/25]
279mm [25.5/26]
289mm [26.5/27]
299mm [27.5/28]
309mm [28.5/29]
319mm [29.5/30]
329mm [30.5/31]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Splitboard
Cuff Rotation   60°
Forward Lean(s)   74°-88° in 1-degree increments
Specs Verified
Liner   Palau
Sole   Skywalk
Skimo Co Says
Usage Big splitboarding days
Notes Built with downhill performance in mind
Bottom Line State of the art splitboarding hard boot
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Erik Brockhoff
When do you anticipate having these in-store? I'm stoked you guys picked these up. Being able to try them on was something preventing me from purchasing.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Erik, yes we will have them in the store! When they're in stock on the website they will also be here.
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Question from Zuhair Lateef
Are these the 22/23 or 23/24 edition? Disruptive website has a different weight for size 26 posted for their 23/24 version.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Zuhair,

We are expecting to receive the 23/24 model year in these boots. When we actually receive the boots we will weigh them as we do with all our gear, and list verified specs. Our current weight does appear to be slightly different from their website. Not quite sure where it came from, but we will post verified weights as soon as possible!
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