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Though Shakespeare wrote that "black was not counted fair," Dynafit is prepared to prove the Bard wrong with its Blacklight line. Bringing together everything the ski designers in Snow Leopard-land have learned from the older Carbonio and Nanga Parbat skis, but in an updated construction that calls to mind the forgiving, easy-turning Tour and Speed series skis, the Black Light 74 is poised to outdo its predecessors in the fight for mountaineering-ski glory. At just 74mm underfoot, it falls between an oversized skimo race ski and a trimmed-down classic touring ski -- perfect for your next volcano-skiing objective, high-altitude expedition, or just the daily dawn patrol up a rock-hard resort groomer. Hard crust situations call for tight, confident turning, and an 18m turning radius -- shorter than most mountaineering skis -- means that you'll be able to slice and dice on glaze ice and windboard. Those scratchy turns up high won't faze the Black Light, while soft corn and mushy crud will slide easily under the added tip and tail rocker. Later in the day, your tired legs will be thankful for the tapered tip and tail profile, along with the rounder ski flex, for keeping you on your feet as the conditions threaten to buck you out of turns. If you're frequently windburned, carrying ski crampons, and/or looking at plane tickets to the Alps, you'll appreciate this ski for its nimble-turning, easy-edging performance all the way from November's low-tide missions to July days of refrozen corn and hop-turning through runnels.

  • 74mm waist puts the Black Light 74 in a unique category, perfect for speed-oriented skiers on hard snow.
  • Paulownia Speed Core makes use of some of the lightest, strongest wood on the planet to dampen the ski.
  • Unidirectional carbon construction balance stiffness and compliance for easy edging and turning.
  • Shorter turn radius and added rocker means easier, nimbler skiing.
  • Tip notch allows for use of Dynafit's Speedskin or your favorite fast-gliding race skin.

Update 2022/23: New topsheet graphics, otherwise it's the same great ski!

Lengths (cm) 158, 165, 172
convert to ounces
930g [158]
980g [165]
1040g [172]
Weight (pair) 1860g [158]
1960g [165]
2080g [172]
Sidecut   109-73-94 [158]
110-74-95 [165]
111-75-96 [172]
Turn Radius   15m [158]
16.5m [165]
18m [172]
Skin Fix   Race-notched tips, notched flat tails
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Light tip & tail rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Tapered tip & tail, medium radius
Construction   3D sidewall cap
Core   Paulownia Speed Core
Skimo Co Says
Usage High alpine missions, traverses, uphill resort skiing
Notes Full Unidirectional carbon construction
Bottom Line Great ski for alpinism at a great price
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Martin
How would these skis compare to Atomic Backland UL 78 and to the Blacklight Pro?

I currently have DPS Pagoda Tour 100 in 179cm and I am looking for skinnier/lighter skis for days at resort, longer days and spring skiing. I like turny skis like my pagoda tour.

Also, which length should I consider? And which other options (if any) should I look at?

Thank you
Answer from Andrew C

The Backland 78 and the Blacklight 74 will have more rise in the tail which will make slashing out your turns easier than other skis in the class. Both will enjoy a short radius ski with the Backland 78 being a softer ski that will be less demanding compared to the Blacklight 74 which being stiffer certainly requires more attention from the skier. I would recommend the 172 length.

The Blacklight Pro is going to have an extra layer of carbon that will lead to unmatched edge hold in the steep and firm terrain; however, will also be more demanding and certainly likes to go fast.
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Jason L (downright abused product)
Almost light enough to keep up with the skimo boys but so much fun on the down. I have skied everything on these things: groomers, skimo races on moguls, steep crusty east coast ice, spring volcanoes, light Colorado fluff, narrow jump turns and I keep grabbing these for 80+% of my days out.
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Question from Cosimo
Hey Skimo co -

I'm a trail runner who started skiing earlier this winter for some cross-training and have completely fallen for it. I bought atomic backland UL85 and progressed really quickly with them (no prior ski experience before last season). So far, I've only skied on groomers and mostly on steep and variable conditions (usually on the mountain before the cats).

I REALLY love going uphill fast and a lot, as in every day, covering 2K+ meters vert every outing. While I enjoy going downhill, I mainly want to go up fast as possible and maybe even try racing or a vertical challenge this season.

What I like about the atomic UL85 is how easy the ski is to turn while still feeling very stable, great in any/every condition, but it also feels like it might be too much ski for what I'm doing, and I'd really like to drop as much weight as possible while keeping in mind my skill level/continuing to progress downhill.

I do intend to start skiing off-piste this season as well, but will keep the UL85s for that and stick to groomers with the lighter set.

Is this a ski I should be considering - any others? And at what length? I'm 5'8 135lb, and currently have the backland UL85 in 165. Thank you so much!
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Cosimo,

The Blacklight 74 in 165cm wouldn't be bad for what you're looking for, although it's not significantly lighter than the UL85s. Here's a couple of other options:

Another option would be the Movement Race Pro 71 in 168cm. It's noticeably lighter than the Blacklights and a phenomenal ski for fitness laps. It's a little trickier to ski on, and less forgiving off groomers.

You could also go with Ski Trab Maestro 2 in 164cm. They will ski better off groomers than the Race Pros but are a little heavier.

If you'd like to go more in-depth, reach out to us at!
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Jack (downright abused product)
These skis are fantastic. Very light and super durable. Logged 200k vert on them so far this season and no signs of damage to the edges or nose. Multiple summits of Hood, Shasta, and tons of objectives around Tahoe and the Eastside. Awesome for jump turns and handling variable conditions. Have yet to ski them in deeper powder. My favorite ski I’ve ever owned. I’m 6’2 175 and ski the 158.
Reply from Ben
Is that a typo or do you actually ski the 158?
Reply from Robert K
I don’t make typos
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Question from Travis
How is would this ski compare to the Hagan Ultra 77?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Travis,

The Hagan Ultra 77 is a pretty forgiving ski. It is easy to roll on edge, and will have a turnier feel.

The Blacklight 74 is also a pretty playful ski with a medium turn radius. It will be a stiffer than the Ultra 77, but still very manageable. If you have further mountaineering ski questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Garrett

I am a trail runner that has finally gotten around to skiing this winter after thinking that running was still awesome in the winter (it is not). I have fallen in love with skinning up, mostly at our local resort, for the low impact aerobic that is a good replacement for running. I am looking for something a little lighter than what I am currently using (Salomon QST99s and Dynafits ST110s) for multiple laps in the AM before work/weekend and for an upcoming vertical challenge. I also would like to enter our local skimo race but I will be in the rec category and doing it just for fun, so no need for a true race ski I suppose.

I am someone who tolerates the downhill so I can go uphill again so I am not too radical in my downhill ski pursuits. I usually get on the resort in the AM before the groomers so my downhill journeys can be a fun mix of skied out packed down ice or powder depending on the weather. Other times I am there when the groomers are our so that is a little better for getting down. I skin everyday so also need something durable.

Are these a good option for my needs, or is there something else you might recommend?

Answer from Jeff
Garrett, We have been seeing lots of runners getting into Skimo for some winter cross-training. You have made an excellent choice. There are some other nice skis in the 77/80mm width, but the Blacklight skis have been very popular with the staff here in each of the models. Combined with a much lighter binding, you will fly up.
If you want to get into a discussion on ski length and bindings, please fill this out and we can continue. Binding finder
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Question from alvar
I have trashed a pair of Salomon minims and am looking for a pair to replace it. I am by no means a racer, but looking for a light ski for alpine missions. Maybe something a bit easier than a race ski but mostly something a bit more durable. I have been looking at this dynafit blacklight 74, dynafit speed 76, hagan ultra 77, and ski trab maestro.
I think the maestro is the stiffest and most like race ski and hagan is the most playful with multiple radius. But how do the dynafits compare?

I am 6’1, 180lbs and thinking about 165-170cm length, what would be your take?
Answer from jbo
Hi Alvar, all the skis in this category will handle much better for you, if just because you can get one in a more appropriate length (I would aim more towards 170+). The Maestro.2 is not like a race ski, it's a pretty well rounded mountaineering ski and also very durable (Trab wins that category). In comparison, the BL 74s are more playful and turny, which is a benefit in some situations and a drawback in others. Give us a ring to discuss further which might be the best for you!
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Question from derek
Looking to purchase a "resort uphill fitness" set up for my wife. Not to race, not to bag peaks in the spring, just sweating up a groomer and making some fun turns on the way down before work. Strong lifetime alpine skier, with a 174cm/108mm powder ski and 165/85mm all mountain carving ski. She's 5'3" 130lb. Just trying to understand how I should sizer her on a skimo 1000g, 74-78mm ski?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Derek, for a resort uphill oriented setup going from chin to forehead height for the ski would be appropriate. At 5'3 around the 160cm to 158cm range could be a good option, but if she is used to a longer ski I don't think 165cm would be out of the realm of possibilities.
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