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Dynafit Mezzalama Alpha 2 Jacket


Full disclosure: here at Skimo Co, we chose the previous version of the Mezzalama jacket as our (now world-famous) shop jackets, so of course we are somewhat partial to it. Each and every member of our team has one, and we ski, run, eat, sleep, love, shower, and work in them on a nearly daily basis. Perfectly insulated (in our humble opinions) for skinning in cold, windy, or really any weather (except downright hot and sunny weather-- suns out, guns out). This updated version has several mostly cosmetic and aesthetic changes, none of which really alter our opinions on this jacket. Now with a slightly softer sleeve material, this version retains the weather resistance that we loved in the previous version. Two zippered hip pockets replace the single left-chest pocket, and, rather than a zipper garage, a flat flap on the inside top of the zipper protects your chin from cold zipper abuse. At the end of the day, the fact that we all own and regularly use this jacket is the best recommendation we can give it-- buy this jacket, you'll love it!

  • Strategic insulation on the chest and arms keep you warm without insulating too much, while super breathable stretchy softshell under the arms vents heat and sweat.
  • Reflective graphics and trim help with visibility in low-light conditions, and allow for a margin of safety when touring on piste where snowcats roam.
  • Warm and breathable Polartec Alpha material breathes like a dream and dries quickly when moisture does build up.
  • This version stows into the hood, and packs up tight and compact, giving you no excuse to leave it at home.
  • Hood is water and windproof and is thin enough to fit underneath a helmet.
  • Owned by every member of the Skimo Co team.

Update 2022/23: This jacket was replaced by the Mezzalama Polartec Alpha.

convert to ounces
327g [M]
Ventilation N/A
Hood Yes, can stow jacket into hood
Pockets 2 side
Waist Elastic
Cuffs Elastic cuff with thumb holes
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic
Materials   Outer- Nylon, lining - Polyester
Insulation Polartec Alpha
Seams Flat
Lining Mesh
Coating DWR
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, training, touring
Notes Lightest and most breathable insulation Dynafit jacket
Bottom Line Race weight insulation for fast travel
Compare to other Men's Touring Jackets
Compare to other Men's Layers

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Questions & Reviews

Stephen C (used product regularly)
Love Dynafit jackets and this one might be the crown jewel.

A+ winter activate insulating layer.

For me, basically all synthetic insulating jackets are too warm to do anything active... Except this one. (I've tried too many to remember.) The only other solution I've found that works decently is an extremely lightweight fleece + windshirt. In comparison this jacket is a little more breathable and a little less insulating, which suits me since I'm mostly trying to avoid sweating while having something more insulating than a base layer. The hood is nice to have, though note it is just a nylon layer which fits nicely under a helmet. (If you want to keep your head warm when it gets really cold you will need some insulating headwear.) Anyway amazing jacket and unfortunate it's not more widely known or available and the naming system from generation to generation is so confusing.
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Question from Nils
Hi! Do you know how this compares to the new version of the mezzalama on the dynafit website?
Answer from Ian C
Hey Nils, this is the '21-22 version of the jacket which should be the same on Dynafit's website. We have yet to see next year's version in person but its listed weight is a little heavier and it now features Active Airflow Ventilation (laser cut perforations to increase breathability). Note that Dynafit also makes the very different Mezzalama Race Jacket which is a spandex race top.
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Question from nils
Hi! I assume this is US sizing? I am 6"2' tall, chest 105cm, waist 85cm, and hip 93 cm. Struggling to decide between L and XL. Thanks so much!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Nils, I would stick with the size large and see how that fits. The XL might just be a tad too roomy. Thanks
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Matthew O (used product regularly)
Bought this jacket for mountaineering and cold weather hiking, it’s water repellent and wind proof (mostly), and it’s warmer than I was expecting it to be when you’re moving, so warm in fact I wouldn’t take this jacket out unless it’s at least freezing or the wind is ice cold, I’m 6ft and 150lbs, and bought the L it’s a little loose on me but since I use it as a outer piece it works well. Overall I love this jacket and would recommend it.
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Question from Jeff Moriarty
Do you know how this would compare to something like Patagonia nano-air hybrid? As far as breathability and wind resistance?
Answer from Jeff
Hey Jeff, Similar idea for both jackets, but done differently. Instead of the stretch knit of the Patagonia, the non-insulated areas ( Black fabric) the Dynafit is Nylon.
The Mezzalama uses the breathable Polartech Alpha insulation. One significant difference I see is that the Dynafit is insulated on the back, the Nano Air has none.
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Question from John
I am 6'2" and measure ~100cm for my chest, and I have long arms... Based on the sizing, I should be an XL for height and a medium for chest... I am wondering if perhaps this may unfortunately not be the right jacket for me (despite looking to be exactly what I am looking for otherwise!). Any thoughts?
Answer from Ian C
Hi John, why not split the difference and try the large? I have similar dimensions and this jacket is far from baggy in the chest, and the arms fit fine with a little extra length too.
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Question from Dave
Will this hood stretch enough to fit over a climbing helmet?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Dave. This could fit over a climbing helmet (depending on how big your helmet is), but it certainly wouldn't be ideal, it definitely wouldn't be comfortable, and we wouldn't recommend it for most folks. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Robert C
How does the fit of this jacket compare to a medium Arcteryx Atom jacket or medium Patagonia? I have a large Dynafit Mercury shell that is slightly baggy but it's the regular Dynafit cut versus this which is the athletic cut. Trying to decide between M & L. Thanks!
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, Robert. I wear a medium in Arcteryx and I have this particular jacket from Dynafit also in a medium. I hope this helps.
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Question from Clay
Does this jacket have good pockets for stashing skins?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Clay, this jacket only has two side pockets no big skin stash pockets.
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Question from Slim
You write that back is a mesh fabric? Is that the entire back, or only a certain part? Should I imagine something like a mesh baselayer fabric?

Answer from jbo
Hi Slim, I updated the description a bit, the mesh is a liner material that covers most of the inside of the jacket (almost acting like a mesh baselayer). The back looks similar to the front in terms of fabric and insulation placement.
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Comment from Onno
Your are right! I meant the alpha2 with polartec insulation indeed :-)

Good to hear that you won’t leave home without it :-). How does the dynafit down jacket fit into this equation? Would you consider this an alternative or do you also always bring a down jacket with you?
Reply from TSB
Hi Onno, the Radical Down Jacket is warmer and higher loft, so more of an extra layer than an outer layer in most circumstances. You'd likely wear the Radical over the Mezzalama when starting out in the morning or when your route goes into the shade. Alternatives to the Mezzalama would more likely be something like the Millet Extra Rutor or Karpos Alagna Plus, which are both in the category of "breathable, mostly windproof, light puffy."
Reply to this comment:

Question from Onno
Hi Skimo team, what layer do you typically use the mezzalama polar jacket for? Would this work on top of base layer and mezzalama race jacket

Or should it be worn directly on a base layer.

Thanks for your time and effort.
Answer from TSB
Hi Onno, not sure of a "Mezzalama Polar" option, but I'm assuming you mean the Mezzalama Alpha, which utilizes Polartec insulation? Yes, the Mezzalama Alpha is an ideal choice for over the Mezzalama Race -- it's moderately warm (but somewhat breathable), windproof, and hooded, making it a good step up in protection from the elements if you have the Mezzalama Race (stretchy, fully breathable, non-windproof) underneath. Personally, I don't leave home without it!
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Model: Mezzalama 2 PTC Alpha M Jkt

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