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Think simple, think power, think stomping the landing. Don’t be alarmed that the boot doesn’t have the antiquated 4-buckle look, Movement is redefining comfort and stability with their Velcro over-the-cuff buckle that has not let customers down. If you are hesitant to ski without a defined number of buckles, we can send buckle stickers complimentary with a boot purchase.* The Movement Free Tour boot gives a sublime 62° in walk-range without sacrificing the solid skiing feel of a real ski boot. The Grilamid-Carbon cuff and shell give “send it” confidence and the SKYWALK soles offer extra grip and control when booting that precarious line. Don't be fooled by the svelte good looks, the Free Tour boot is for skiing hard and living large.

  • The Power Strap Buckle optimizes comfort and performance with a precise cuff-hold.
  • Ultralon Instant Fit Liner provides great warmth and are heat moldable.
  • Ski/Walk Mode with 62° of articulation giving that almost-hiking feel.
  • Lower Instep Buckle with Ergo Micro Adjustment for a perfected fit.
  • Dynafit certified tech inserts ensure consistent performance.
  • 4-Piece construction makes it easier to get boots on and off.

*Buckle stickers are subject to availability. We are currently out and don’t plan on making any.

Update 2019/20: Movement has a different shell mold for this boot which is ~1mm wider at the forefoot.

convert to ounces
1327g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2654g [27.5]
Buckles   1 + Velcro OCB
Boot Sole Length   259mm [23/23.5]
269mm [24/24.5]
279mm [25/25.5]
289mm [26/26.5]
299mm [27/27.5]
309mm [28/28.5]
319mm [29/29.5]
329mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Frame, Kingpin
Cuff Rotation   62°
Forward Lean(s)   16°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid-Carbon shell and cuff, Grilamid-Pebax tongue
Sole   SKYWALK durable rubber
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free Touring
Notes Comes with optional rear spoiler
Bottom Line Powerful boot with a great range of motion
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jonny
(Mostly) satisfied customer here. Can you recommend a crampon that is compatible/safe with this boot and that will not be displaced during use? Discovered near the summit of Mt St Helens that the heel piece of my Stubai trekking light crampon is too long for these boots (never had issues with other ski boot models). They still sort of worked, but I would be nervous on a more advanced objective. Otherwise boots have been great. Thank you!

Answer from jbo
Hi Jonny, yes the "reverse" crampons from Grivel work well with these boots.
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Question from Lou B
I’ve been in these boots for a season and I am not pleased with the liner and thereby the fit. I am looking for a thicker more comfortable liner that has same range of motion, but more warmth, and more protection from the shell. Also, thicker to make a more secure fit. Im sliding all over the place.
I’m thinking intuition pro tour. Are they super thick? Should I go with medium or thick?
Any other liner suggestions?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Lou. If range of motion is a concern, the Power LT liner would be the way to go. If you're looking to stiffen the boot, and are willing to sacrifice a little range of motion, the Intuition Pro Tour Liners in the medium volume would be a great option! Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Christof N (used product regularly)
One of the boots I ski and love the most is the Scarpa F1. I was asking Eric if there was anything out there that might give me a little more power and stiffness, but walk as well or better than the F1 and keep me in the same relative weight category. He mentioned that reports seemed to indicate the Movement Free Tour might be the ticket. First time out it was a big day and I came away with two conclusions: 1. It is a slightly more powerful and stiffer shell than the F1, but you feel the shell through the liner much more than the F1, which has a real progressive flex. 2. The walk mode is outstanding, with even a little less resistance than the F1 I think. Of note is that the weight with my footbeds was essentially identical to my F1. The F1 shell is slightly lighter than the Free Tour shell, but the F1 liner is slightly heavier than the Free Tour liner.

I did miss the awesome fit of the Scarpa Intuition liner from my F1. The movement has a good Palau liner but the comfort and custom mold is not anywhere close to what you get with the F1 liner, and for me that’s a big deal having a high instep and wider forefoot. The newest version of the free tour has a wider last and I had no issues with width, just the overall “feel” of the foot inside the boot. It just seemed a little crude compared to the plush fit of the F1. Solution? I picked up a Scarpa Pro Flex Evo liner (the stock F1 liner), threw it in the Free Tour, and after a shop mold it fits like a glove, I don’t feel the cuff and shell through the liner anymore, and it’s only 5-10 grams heavier than my F1. I’ve paired it with my Movement Alp Tracks 106 and it’s been a perfect match. I call it my “ultralight free ride” setup. I think it’s the perfect boot to drive wider but lighter skis (BD helio 104, Blizzard Zero G 105, Movement Alp Tracks 106, DPS Wailer 112) without having to step into the weight category of a Maestrale RS, Technica Zero G, Hoji Free, etc. You won’t get the resort boot performance of the mentioned beef boots, but for the light is right crowd, you won’t be missing anything and the walkability and weight of the Free Tour will be much more in line with your touring style.

Video at
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Question from Robert J. Campbell
My forefoot is wide at around 110mm. What BC boot do you think might work? I have a Lange Alpine boot with Surefoot liner-only arrangement that has ever really worked for me. Thanks
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Robert,

The last width of a boot is proportional to the shell size, so my question for you is, what is the length of your foot in mm? As far as the fit of the Free Tour is concerned, it has a medium to wide last in the forefoot, and an overall relatively high volume fit. If you have any further questions, or would like help honing in on a boot, reach out to us at!
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Question from Henriette
I have a pair of these and really love them but they are too big for me and also need some fitting to get rid of boot bang on one ankle. I’m thinking I should get new liners for them. Right now, I’ve got more than two fingers behind my heel (with the liner out), so I know I have some room to fill up. Do you have any recommendation for which liner would work best? I really love the boots, so I want to work with them rather than swap them for another boot closer to my size (these are 26.5 and I’m probably a 25.5).
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Henriette. It sounds like you need an Intuition Pro Tour in a high volume (HV). We don't typically stock this volume, however, please reach out to us at and we can try to get that in for you! Also, using an appropriate footbed will help remedy what you're experiencing.
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Question from Didi
I’m considering this boot for my replacing a tlt7, which is a great boot but lacks a bit of downhill power to pair with my movement session 89. i’m also considering the explorer boot - how would you judge the trade off walking comfort - skiing power between the two boots?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Didi,

It depends on the model of TLT7 that you are coming from. The TLT7 Carbonio and Performance models have a better walk mode than the TLT7 Expedition model due to their thinner liner. Therefore, the walk mode performance of the Movement will be a bigger step down from the TLT7 Carbonio and Performance models than the TLT7 Expedition model.

In terms of downhill performance, the Movement Free Tour is going to be a step up. It is a stiffer boot that will allow for great power transfer to your ski. That boot will pair well with a Session 89, as that is a relatively stiff ski aimed at the downhill experience.

Between the Movement Free Tour and the Movement Explorer, I would recommend the Free Tour. The Free Tour is a stiffer boot and more performance oriented. The Explorer is a boot aimed at the junior category. It has a thicker liner as well as a softer flex, which provides less downhill performance than the Free Tour. Additionally, the thicker liner causes greater friction, making for a slightly lower performance in walk mode.

A final thing to mention, in terms of fit, the toe box of the Movement Free Tour is slightly narrower than the TLT7 that you are coming from. Depending on how your foot fits the TLT7 a liner mold may be sufficient, or it could require some punching out.
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Question from Slim
How is the range of the cuff buckle? Can you skin with it flipped forward or do you need to unhook it completely?

How is the range of motion with the cuff buckled tight? Can you skin or climb in crampons with the cuff buckled?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Slim, there is about 2.5-3cm of travel between the cuff buckle tight verse open. You can definitely skin with the buckle just flipped open so no need to really loosen up the power strap all the way. The range of motion with the cuff buckle tight will still be quite good but you would just get some unnecessary friction depending on how tight you have the cuff buckled, so best just to flip it open. Skinning or booting up with the cuff buckle tightened could work but again would just cause some unnecessary friction.
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Kyle T. (used product regularly)
Probably the most under rated boot out there. I’ve skied them for a season and a half and love them! Paired them with a set of Radical FT 2.0s and 4FRNT Renegades and they had no problem turning and controlling such a big ski. Was super skeptical when I first received them and put them on, the fit was great and the ROM was great but they seemed soft in the flex. But when they get cold or just a little chilly the stiffness comes out and it’s amazing! I would say 110~120 flex and a nice ramp to it, hit a bunch of cliffs and drops and no brick wall on the shin when landing a bit forward. The only annoyance I have is the tongue likes to creep upward sometimes but I remedied this by changing the lace pattern to pull the tongue down when I pull them tight. Stock liner is good not great but I might experiment with an intuition tour pro with the stiff tongue next season and try and squeeze 130~ out of them. I would say a super powerful boot that’s really simple and very comfortable, I’ve skied the Hoji pro tour and my daily resort/slack country boot is the ROXA R3 130 and I’d say this is almost as stiff as the Hoji but walks better somehow and a lot more narrow/performance fit too. It’s no we’re near the performance of the ROXA but has a very similar fit and feel. If you want to drive big skis at a fairly low weight and have a narrow foot this is the cats meow for sure! One of the sexiest boots out there in my opinion too!
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Question from Kevin O
Can you guys offer any feedback on skiing performance? Relative to other boots and on ski?

Looking to replace a TLT6P, hopefully with an upgrade in skiing performance. Maximum ski length would be 185 cm and 106 underfoot and of course smaller skis as well.

I'm 6'1" 170 lbs.

Answer from TSB
Hey Kevin, thanks for reaching out! The Movement Free Tour would definitely be a step up in ski performance from the TLT6s you're using now. The stiffness would be improved along with a more progressive forward flex, and you wouldn't lose too much efficiency on the uphill. The other boot I would take a look at if you fit into the TLT6 well is the La Sportiva Skorpius, which is technically a two-buckle boot but skis more like a four-buckle freeride boot. Don't hesitate to fill out our Boot Fitter Form if you want a more detailed recommendation!
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Question from Ben
Is this boot the same as the Roxa RX Tour?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, it's similar as they share molds, but the plastic mix, liners, buckles, etc are different.
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Question from Caleb G
How do these compare to the stiffness and durability of the Atomic Backland Carbon? Really want the high range of motion with a bit better downhill performance than my Atomic boot... and something that fits into frame bindings that hopefully lasts four or five years...
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Caleb, this boot is definitely stiffer than the Backland Carbon, and the durability is likely better as well. We haven't seen many issues with this boot and there are fewer potential failure points than on the Backland Carbon. We haven't tested the fit in frame bindings, but Movement says it is designed to work!
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Question from Andy
I'm looking at this boot to pair with some MOMENT Deathwish Tour (112 underfoot ~1700g/ski) my question is if this is too much ski for this boot, and I would be better served in the Maestrale RS or Hoji. The Freetour fits my foot like they were custom built for my foot, I just want to make sure I'm maximizing it's characteristics, and not shortchanging my experience skiing.
Answer from Jeff
Hey Andy!! Our immediate reaction to your question was any ski called 'Deathwish' was probably too much for this boot. Looking up details on that MOMENT ski I see it is also quite stiff/aggressive ski. If it was a DPS Wailer 112 Tour 1, you could probably have fun with that combo on powder days. But to drive the Deathwish to its potential in all conditions, the Free Tour would probably come up short. Too bad, because I always consider a 'Perfect fit' to be a top reason to pick a boot. Either the Maestrale or the Hoji could be a good fit for you and would better fit this ski.
Answer from Steven S
That's what I was was kind of thinking too. The Scarpa or Hoji both fit my feet, they just don't feel as tailor made out of the box as the Freetour. Thanks for the feedback, looks like I'll need to stop in and spend some more time trying things on one of these days
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Question from Andy
How does the cuff height, specifically at the top buckle/strap compare to the TLT6 and Scarpa F1? I'm looking for a little more support and I'm using Booster Straps behiind the accessory tongue on the TLT6 and in front of the tongue on the F1 (due, IMHO, to the F1 having less ramp angle than the TLT6 and thus keeping the full forward lean with the strap, but the strap working to its utmost behind the tongue on the 6 :-) ). It looks like the buckle on the Movement is high enough to preclude the use of a Booster strap.
Answer from Jeff
Andy, You are right. There is not much room for a booster strap. You could maybe squeeze one in behind the shell tongue, just over the liner tongue. I compared closely to the F1. The shell height in the back is the same, but the plastic tongue on the Free Tour is about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch lower.
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Question from Olof
I'm considering bying the Freetour boot but have never tried the brand's skiboots before.
I have skied Scarpa Maestrale(old version) and Salomon mtn lab in recent years. How would you describe the skiability of the Freetour like flex, lateral rigidity, ROM and fit compared to those mentioned above.
Best regards Olof
Answer from Jeff
Hello Olaf, Try to answer all of your questions. Fit, they will have a similar width to the Maestrale, wider then the Mtn Lab. Flex, again pretty similar to the Maestrale and not quite as stiff as the Mtn Lab. Range of motion of the Free tour is 62 degrees, more then either of your boots. The Free Tour is 1 pound /pair lighter then your Mtn Lab.
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Question from David miller
I am curious if the heel bail on my petzl lynx crampons will work with this boot or will it get obstructed by the walk/ski contraption sticking out the back end?
Thanks Dave
Answer from Matt P
Hi David.

I just put the Petzl Leopard crampon on the Movement boot and it works. Both the Leopard and the Lynx have the same heel locking mechanism so you should be good to go. Hope this helps.

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Question from Andrew Sargent
What would you say the flex rating is on these?
Answer from Nate
Hi Andrew, I think it's fair (and perhaps a bit conservative) to call this boot a solid 105-110 flex for a touring boot. It's a bit stiffer than the Scarpa F1 and really similar to the Salomon MTN Explore in its forward flex rating.
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Question from Andre
What is the last size of this boot?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Andre! 100mm my friend!
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