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ATK Freeraider 15 Evo Binding


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Built for the hardest chargers amongst us, the Freeraider 15 Evo is designed to provide the confidence needed to send it in the backcountry, while still being friendly to haul far away from the trailhead. Setting itself apart from other Raider bindings is the adjustable toe piece and Evo Brake system.

With the adjustable toe piece, we should note it shouldn't be thought of as a lateral toe release, like that of an alpine binding. Instead, the adjustable release of the toe works in conjunction with the heel, allowing the binding to cover a wide range of release values, which in this case is between 7-15. With the Evo Brake system, the brakes engage or disengage automatically as you rotate the heel piece 180° to enter or exit ski mode. While this doesn't allow the user to ski with the brakes disengaged, it does ensure that brakes will be active during all descents.

With the intended use of freeride touring, the Raider 15 Evo has 14mm of rearward heel travel, allowing the ski to flex naturally while helping prevent pre-release. 25mm of BSL adjustment accommodates multiple boots without having to remount while the Cam Release System ensures easy step-in, even in deep snow. The Snow Pack Proof system helps to prevent snow and ice buildup under the toe wings, helping keep the toe piece reliable during long days with a lot of transitions.

Finally, the Freeraider 15 Evo comes with an included freeride spacer and toe shim. The freeride spacer eliminates the gap between the heel of the boot and binding, helping with power transfer and more powerful skiing. The toe shim raises the toe piece, helping eliminate the ramp and provide a more neutral stance on the ski.

With the Freeride 15 Evo, ATK has created a binding that can venture far into the backcountry and send anything you set your eyes on.

  • Comes with AL14 and AL13 shim and freeride spacer respectively.
  • Toe Piece works together with the heel to provide a wide range of release values.
  • Magneto Heel Flaps resist accidental engagement and are quite cool to show off.
  • Evo Brake System means the brakes automatically engage/disengage when rotating the heel piece, saving time on transitions.
  • Easy Entry System helps provide easy and hassle-free step-in of the toe piece.
  • Cam Release System requires less pressure to step into the heel piece, which is especially nice in deep snow.
  • Snow Pack Proof toe piece keeps snow out from under the toe wings, allowing you to step into the toe piece every time.
  • A binding for hard-charging individuals!
convert to ounces
415g [97mm]
Weight (pair) 830g [97mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   97, 102, 108, 120
BSL Adjustment   25mm
Riser Heights   2 + Flat
Vertical Release   7-15
Lateral Release   7-15
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   ALU 7075, POM, Stainless Steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring, general backcountry skiing
Notes Everyday touring binding
Bottom Line Full-featured binding without compromise
Compare to other Full-featured Bindings

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jay
Im in search of a lighter set up than my Cast System binders. That’d be: lighter on the way up, but strong, reliable when skiing down. Of course it has to be quality made so that they last.
I’m 6f 210lbs and ski quite fast & enjoy charging. I also, sometimes, like do a bit of fast early morning groomers to warm up. Will these be a good option? Cheers!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Jay,

These would be a great option for a freeride-oriented tech binding. They should be durable and reliable for lots of hard skiing in the backcountry. They won't be the same as a Look Pivot in the resort, but for human-powered skiing, these are some of the best hard-charging bindings you can get.
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Model: Freeraider Evo 15

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