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SCARPA Maestrale RS 2.0 Boot

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The Maestrale RS is one of the bestselling backcountry ski boots of all time. Generally, the rule of thumb for a time-tested classic is to not modify it much. That is, unless you plan on making it lighter, increasing stiffness, and vastly improving the walking characteristics. Then of course it's a change approved by Skimo Co. The Maestrale RS 2.0 is another engineering marvel from SCARPA that borrows technology from the Alien and F1 to increase reliability and decrease transition times. A stiff Grilamid and Carbon frame delivers laser-like precision to steer "narrower" planks on precarious terrain and power bigger skis faster than ever before. A large Velcro power strap increases effective vertical height for extra leverage. One large buckle connected to a wire harness evenly wraps the shell around your foot for an even and secure fit. The Maestrale is a game-changer for fast-and-light charging in the backcountry.

  • Carbon Grilamid Web Frame lower shell increases stiffness and power transfer.
  • Outdry venting replaces redundant material with ventilation to reduce weight and increase comfort.
  • Axial Alpine Evo Tongue brings heavyweight performance to a sub-1500g boot.
  • Speedlock Plus Ski/Walk mechanism upgrades the Maestrale to the speed and reliability of an Alien or F1.
  • Wave Closure System wraps the lower shell around your foot for a secure and precise fit.
  • Grilamid Evo V-Frame Cuff maximizes power-to-weight ratio.

Update 2019/20: Recco receivers have been installed in the powerstrap, slightly boosting that oh-so-important safety margin. Also, the toe fittings changed from Quick Step to basic Dynafit inserts. But even more importantly, the Maestrale RS is now decorated with skimo blue!

Update 2021/22: SCARPA has released an updated version of the Maestrale RS.

convert to ounces
1435g [27]
1451g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2870g [27]
2902g [27.5]
Buckles   3+ Power Strap
Boot Sole Length   288mm [25.0]
297mm [25.5/26.0]
306mm [26.5/27.0]
314mm [27.5/28.0]
322mm [28.5/29.0]
331mm [29.5/30.0]
340mm [30.5/31.0]
348mm [31.5/32.0]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   60°
Forward Lean(s)   14°, 16°, 18°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon Grilamid LFT, Grilamid, Pebax
Liner   Intuition Cross Fit Pro Flex G
Sole   Vibram Cayman PRO (ISO 9523)
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring and backcountry skiing
Notes An updated classic with more carbon, Recco in powerstrap
Bottom Line The free-touring standard
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Spencer
Can this boot be punched? I have massive bunions on my feet and the only solution is to blow out the shell just a few millimeters.
Answer from jbo
Hi Spencer, it can be punched in some areas such as the forefoot. Not recommended in the darker carbon core areas.
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Cyw (downright abused product)
I spent two seasons touring in this boot, and completely put it through the ringer. It's got a nice, high volume fit that agrees well with my weird feet, and a nice combo of skiablility, and easy walking.

However, I did run into some durability issues. Both instep snowboard-style straps ended up cracking after about 50ish days of use. I also had some weirdness with buckles coming loose and falling off while touring. Not a big deal, but check the torque on your fasteners and maybe hit them with some loctite!

On the up, they walk well. I did find that the combo of the cuff buckle and velcro strap took a little longer to transition than I'd like, so I ended up replacing them with a one-piece cam/strap system like on the F1LT. They have nice rearward ROM, more than the Dynafit Radical Pro, but the walk mode lever is harder to engage. It's easy to think you've got them locked, only to drop in and collapse a boot. Yes, I did do this in consequential terrain the first time! Make sure they're really locked!

On the way down, they ski well. When buckled tight they're very stiff initially, almost to the point of being harsh, but then collapse after a certain point. So I ended up running them a little looser just to get a smoother flex. I wouldn't ski hard inbounds on them, they just don't have the suspension I'm used to for that, but for the occasional lap, they're totally adequate!

All in all, wonderful boot for people with wide, tall feet. Comparable to the Radical Pro in many ways.
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Question from sabby
I have a size 27 Maestrale RS that I need new liners for. I think they’re the 2.0 model but it doesn’t say “2” anywhere. Shells are black and white with the lime green buckles. The original liner is black with the grey and black camo pattern. I see you’re out of the Pro Flex G liners. Are the Intuition Pro Tour MV comparable to the original? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Sabby, we called it the "2" just to differentiate from the previous boot with this name, but yes, this is the version you have. The new name for Maestrale RS liners is "Pro Flex Performance" which we do have in stock in that size on our listing for SCARPA liners. Those are designed for the shell and articulate better than the Intuitions.
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Question from david a cleaves
would the scarpa maestrale rs in a 25 be similar in size and flex to a scarpa t1 (4 buckle boot in a 25? was always wanting more room length and width in my t1's not much just a touch. thanks dave c
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, David. The Scarpa T1 is a telemark boot and will be softer and roomier compared to the Maestrale RS. For more detailed boot recommendations, please check out our online bootfitter.
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Eddy v (downright abused product)
I had the old Maestrale 1.0s and then three pairs of Maestrale 2.0s (due to an earlier manufacturing defect causing a crack near the toe which has now been fixed), which I guess is as big of a compliment as I could give to these boots.

They don't ski as well as a proper alpine boot (no real touring boot does), but in good snow it's no problem to straightline or hit 20ft airs. For how well they ski, they also walk quite well. If you're coming from race boots or similar, you'll certainly feel that the range of motion is more restricted, but compared to other boots in the class it's solid. For me, they hit the walk/ski compromise pretty perfectly for a standard touring day (although personally I will always have a proper resort boot and a better walking boot in the quiver too).

And of course, as with all boots, the most important thing is fit. These fit my relatively high volume feet perfectly, which is why I'll probably get another pair when my current ones are worn down.
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
Great boot. I love how stiff they are. Very comfortable as advertised.

Buckles are very adjustable. I don’t think we talk about liners enough. These are really warm. The other feature I like is the cable at front. I’m a fan of boas but these have felt sturdier.

Most importantly they ski great. Stiff. Overall light boots.

Highly recommend these boots for anyone looking to free ride.
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Question from Nate
I was all set to buy the Maestrale RS, but then I saw the Tecnica Zero G Tour on your site. I was leaning for the RS over the XT because I heard the RS walks better and while I'm looking for a beef boot I'm still all about uphill comfort and I didn't think the weight penalty for the XT was worth it. With that in mind, should I be looking at Tecnica's offering? 150g of weight savings would be nice, especially if they really have a 130 flex. Thanks for your expert advice!
Answer from Julieana
Hi Nate, yes the Zero G has a great walk mode for a beef boot and does have a 130 flex. It has a very different fit from the Maestrale RS, however, so if the Maestrale fits your foot well the Zero G might be uncomfortable. They're both great boots, they just fit different feet. Feel free to book a boot fitting appointment and come try some on!
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Question from Dmitry
Hi, I just noticed that this year model has different toe inserts with no vertical slot under the hole. Did SCARPA ditch Dynafit inserts or it is just a CAD model photo that do not show the fine details? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Dmitry, good eye! SCARPA switched from the premium Quick Step fittings to just plain old Dynafit inserts on the 19/20 Maestrales. While the Quick Steps are compatible with the Shift binding, there were enough questions in the marketplace that SCARPA decided to make them go away by switching. So, they are still Dynafit inserts, just not the Quick Step version that makes it a tad easier to step into tech toes.
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Question from Scythian
How does the liner size compare between 29.5 and 30.0 boots (according to Scarpa, the shell is identical). Are there any differences in toebox width, and how much difference is in the length? I normally wear 29.5 boots; however, I will be mostly walking in these time-wise, and my cross-country experience suggests that I might consider a 1/2 size up (I XC ski in boots that feel very comfy at home, but regularly lose toenails at the end of the season). Thanks.
Answer from Teddy Young
The touring boot manufacturing industry is a little odd, because 95% of the models offered in half sizes are actually the exact same boot! There are a few here and there that use a slightly shorter liner(often lengthens in heat molding anyway) or a thicker insole(often swapped out for an aftermarket insole). However, Scarpa seems not to do either, and the difference between a 29.5 and 30.0 Maestrale is just that, a number on a sticker.
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Question from Scythian
How does the volume of this boot compare to that of La Sportiva Spitfire of the same size? I have the latter and it surprisingly narrow and low volume (I need more instep height for my foot).
Answer from Teddy Young
Thanks for filling in details with the online boot fitter form, we’ll finish up the conversation over there!
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Question from Jerry Johnson
if I take a 27.5 in a TLT6 would that be the same in the maestrale? do you carry the softer version?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jerry! It depends on which version of the TLT6 (Mountain vs. Performance) you were skiing in and how the fit was in that, but with as little info as I know right now, my gut reaction is to probably stick with the 27.5.

We discussed long and hard about if we should bring in the Maestrale and the Maestrale RS but decided against bringing in the Maestrale because the downhill performance felt remarkably similar to the F1, which is substantially lighter. The idea being that if you want a boot as burly as the Maestrale in the first place, then you probably also want the extra stiffness that it brings to the table, but if you don't want/need all of the extra stiffness, then why carry it around when the F1 will accomplish the same task at 150g less per foot?

Anyways, sorry for that tangent. If you want to fill out our boot fitter we can talk a little bit more about which size is going to fit you more appropriately.
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Question from Witold
Scarpa shell size 26.5 is the same as 27. What is difference between liners? It is just space taker insole or different thickness of the liner?
Answer from Nate
Hi Witold, as far as I can tell from fitting numerous pairs of these boots, the only difference is the number printed on the liner. Materially, I cannot find one.
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Question from Tim
Hi there, I live in Alaska so going to a boot fitter is not an option. I currently ski a Dalbello Sherpa size 25.5. They have been a great fit for me since I got them 3years ago and I've always loved the heel hold of Dalbellos.
The ski mode has developed a bit of play now and they seem to have loosened up in shin. Seems like time for new boots. Thinking of the new Maestrale RS. I'll have to heat the liners myself. How similar do you think the fit and heel hold would be between my Sherpa's and Maestrales?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tim! Why don't you fill out our boot fitter form and our boot fitters will get back to you about the fit! Tough to say exactly as we've never carried Dalbellos so we admittedly don't have a ton of time with them, but the boot fitter gurus seem to have more knowledge than I care to ever desire! Cheers!
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Question from Tim
Is a 29.5 the same as a 29.5 in the old Meastrale?
Answer from Nate
Hi Tim, in our experience fitting this boot the sizing and shape seems to be consistent from the older model to this model. The shell break is certainly the same, so if you wore a 29.5 if the older version I would suggest going with that size in this version.
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Dabu (downright abused product)
Since my first Dynafit set-up in 1996 I've used just about everything. I've skied this boot for the past couple months in Alaska. Mostly flat touring with only a few days of steeper stuff off the Richardson Hwy north of Valdez. An average day is -15 below zero but I've had the Maestrale RS out on -47 and they did great for about an hour. So far I've logged over 80 miles in the boots, again mostly flat. These boots are the most amazingly comfortable and best touring boots I've ever owned. Walk mode is effortless and they feel super light. Like touring in your fuzzy bunny slippers. But flats and low density pow don't test a boot's performance on challenging terrain. All I've done is low-angle pow and some groomers in Utah before coming up to AK and they skied that very well too. I can't attest to how they'll be in the Ford-Stettner but they lock down so comfortably and feel so good I'm sure they will rock. Basically, every day I'm shocked at how refined this boot is compared to the many other boots I've skied. I didn't know a boot could feel this good and work so well. Everything is just about perfect. And they fit better right out of the box than any boot I've had. Hands down the best boot I've owned.
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Question from Michael M
Can this new Grilamid LFT shell be punched the same as the old Grilamid? I loved my previous Maestrale RS but had to punch the 6th toes in each side, so will likely need to do the same on this version if I upgrade. Thanks.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Michael, indeed it can! 6th toe area should be no problem to punch!
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Question from Kyle
Hey, What is the bootsole length on the 31 and the 32 mondo size? I'm trying to figure out my size.

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Kyle! Thanks for reaching out! We have all of that info hidden under the "Specs" tab! The 30.5/31.0 has a 340mm BSL and the 32.0 has a 348mm BSL! Please note that BSL length isn't necessarily a direct indicator of size as that measurement can fluctuate a lot from boot to boot. For example, the Scarpa F1 size 30.5/31 is 330mm, the Maestrale RS 2.0 in the same size is 340mm, and a few alpine boots in the same size are nearing 360mm. We do have an Online Boot Fitter that's worth checking out if you're interested in pursuing a new boot.
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Question from Albert
Hello, been using originals since introduction. Has this model corrected icing issue with ski/ walk mode? Love the boots, but have skied downhill in walk mode numerous times.
Answer from jbo
Hi Albert, the ski/walk mode mechanism is very different on the 2.0. It's a simple lever that's been proven to work well on the F1 and other boots. Occasionally the lever receptor-bar can fill with snow during a bootpack, but it's easy to clean out if necessary since it's on the outside of the boot (nothing hidden internally as before).
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Model: Maestrale RS 2.0

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